Restaurant Promotion Idea # 37 – Bounce Back Voucher Ideas

In one of my post a long time ago I wrote about Bounce Back Vouchers to encourage customers to return during the sluggish season.

Here are some suggestions on making giving out the Bounce Back Vouchers fun. Some of it that I have tried and some of it I am going to try.


  1. Chinese New Year Red Packets

AngpowI did this particular Bounce Back Voucher idea during the Chinese New Year festival. Our restaurant gets busy a week before Chinese New Year with businesses. As well as families organizing “Thank You Dinners” for the past year successes. And also on and a week after the New Year with families holding reunion dinners. After February as well as March is slow.

What I did was to fill a large lucky draw bowl with little red “Angpow” envelopes. In each envelope, there was a voucher for a lucky draw. The majority of the vouchers contain discounts ranging from 10% to 30% reductions for their next visit. I put a lot of 10% vouchers and a little less 20% as well as 30% discount vouchers. I even placed in 3 Grand Prize of vouchers for an 8 course dinner for 10 person. Just to  make the prizes appealing.

The mechanism was for every bill of RM100 the guest gets a free dip into the bowl to pull their discount voucher. I even took out photos of the Grand Prize Winners. And posted it on a board next to the bowl to show that somebody got the first Grand Prize and that they were 2 more vouchers inside.


  1. Blowpipe Bounce Back

This is just like the game that I played  in my bar during game nights. What we did was to give for every 5 paying customer a chance to hit the red dot. Should the customer hit the red dot, he will receive a complimentary dinner voucher for the next visit. The customer had fun, even their family and friend cheered them on.

I put place words on my poster such as “Hunt for your next dinner” to appeal to to customers attention. When the champion came back to redeem their coupon, most of them brought extra people. Thus increasing my covers on a slow day.

  1. Fish for your dinner

This idea I wanted to do when I was working for a beach resort. We were  planning to do a Seafood Galore buffet. To follow the theme, I plan to do carry out a ” Fish next Dinner” Bounce Back.

This specific concept I wanted to try at a resort that I was attached to . We were planning to do a Seafood Galore Buffet.  To follow the theme,  I intended to do ” Fish for your next Dinner” Bounce Back.

What I plan to do was to have a large aquarium, buy those kids fishing rods that had magnet at the end plus some plastic toy fishes. Each fish had a piece of iron on its nose. Under each fish I put a alphabet to state what the customer wins. The guest can throw the fishing line and catch a fish. The voucher will be given out according to the alphabet under the fish.


Here are three bounceback voucher ideas . Please feel free to add your own in the comment section.



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