Nov 23

Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 40 – Literally Drive Customers to Your Restaurant

How Free Transport to your Restaurant will help increase your Revenue

4055 A and A Limousine

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The resort that I am presently attached to, just purchased a mini bus. To transport their guest as well as  employees to and fro the resort. Of which I felt could also benefit my restaurants too. So I came out with a special package Specially for Corporate Companies to dine in my restaurants. Besides Menus and Beverages, we also provided transportation from their office to the resort. This is for a group between 20 to 35 person, we will pick them up from their company or office in our bus. As well as send them back to their office. We plan to do this during the lunch period, which is generally very slow for us. So this will bring some incremental revenue to us. Since the bus is equipped with a karaoke system we let the group use it. Just to pass the time away and let them to have some fun. We also served refreshments on the bus. This is to give the guest customer a VIP feel. By doing this we managed to capture some business from companies that were quite a distance away, on days that is normally slow.

There was a small resort in a popular hilltop destination in Malaysia, whose owner owned a stretched limo. Like any other resort destination, business was seasonal. There were days when the resort was really quiet. So what he did was create a package for a group of 6 persons. This package included 3 rooms, daily breakfast as well as daily dinner. The catch to the package was that you will be driven to the resort in a|inside a stretched limo. With that he managed to get some business and also publicity as there were very few  stretched limo in my country.

So if you don’t have any transportation, work with a local transportation company. I am sure they will be willing to join it. They will also be slow on weekdays. Its will be a WIN WIN situation.


Coffee Shop Secrets

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There are some people within the coffee shop industry who have not been telling the truth about how much it actually cost to open a coffee shop or open a coffee service business. There are two reasons for this.

1. They are trying to sell you something. Either some really expensive equipment, or some expensive consulting.

2. “They” don’t want to create more competition for themselves (ie, other coffee shop owners).

Wayne Mullins a former co-owner of two successful coffee shops have written this e book called Coffee Shop Secrets which is designed to walk you through the entire process of opening a coffee shop

Coffee Shop Secrets is not for people who think they can sit on their couch and have a coffee shop magically open for you. Opening a coffee shop is work! But Coffee Shop Secrets will guide you straight through the process with the fewest possible mistakes (saving you money and your valuable time).

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Nov 15

Restaurant Promotion Ideas for Christmas

Most businesses agree that Christmas is the most celebrated and profitable holiday of the year. So much so online retail companies like Amazon will be boosting their manpower to handle the influx of orders. Restaurants too will be busy with family gatherings. They will be planning in advance to capitalize on this holiday. I have written a few Restaurant Promotion Ideas on how to market Christmas in your Restaurant. Below is a summary of all the Christmas Restaurant Promotion articles featured in this website and links to help you. […] Continue Reading…


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Nov 02

The Benefits of having a Take Away Counter in your Restaurant

Recently I mentioned that I added a take away counter in front of my restaurant. Which in turn gave me some incremental revenue. This particular idea is good in places where you have heavy foot traffic. Some examples are shopping malls and sidewalks. So it worked well as the resort lobby was just infront of my restaurant. Which gets busy when people check in and out.
A research done by the National Restaurant Association “nearly half (46 percent) of adults and 61 percent of millennials say an important factor in choosing a table service restaurant is the ability of takeout or delivery options” Source National Restaurant Association. […] Continue Reading…


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Oct 05

My Favourite Websites to follow about Restaurants Business

The restaurant industry is an ever changing industry. There’s always brand new food trends, new technology. There also alot new ways of promoting as well as marketing your restaurant. Even the the big boys such as McDonalds need to evolve or else they will be left behind. McDonalds plus some other fast food franchise are opening their doors early for breakfast. This is to capture incremental business from the early birds.
Fortunately there are websites on the web that you could follow. To keep oneself up to date with the changes in the industry. Together with new restaurant promotions ideas to help you market your restaurant.
Below are a few websites that I follow, subscribe and have found to be quite useful. […] Continue Reading…


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Sep 21

Halloween Preparations for your Restaurant

According to the National Retail Federation website, Halloween is gearing up to be the fastest growing consumer holiday.
“Consumers will celebrate the holiday in many different ways, but topping the list of planned activities is handing out candy (71.1%), while others will decorate their homes and yards (46.7%), and dress in costume (45.8%). One-third of Americans will be throw or attend a party (33.4%), which is up from last year (30.9%). ” Record Number of Americans to Buy Halloween Costumes […] Continue Reading…


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