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Restaurant Promotion Idea #39 – Unique and Crazy Bar Challenges

This is sort like a sequel to my earlier post Restaurant Promotion Idea #38 – Fun and Unique Restaurant Challenges. I got this video on my Facebook page. Its a crazy bar challenges. They call it the “Military Shots”. Just watch the video below.

We modified the idea a bit. What we did was instead of the military hat, we used a construction hard hat. We referred the challenge to “The Hard Hat Challenge”. Like the video, the customer got struck with his drink on the hard hat. Then a rubber mallet. Followed by their drink and a shovel. Finally it was their drink as well as an empty barrel. Our variation was that the friend performed this instead of the bartender. Thus if the friend wanted to get even, they had to buy another round of “Hard Hat Cocktails”. The people that completed the “Hard Hat Challenge” got our pub t-shirt and their photo on the pub wall. Its was fun and the customers enjoyed themselves. Some even took videos and pictures to post on their social media. That’s free advertisement for you.

To add to the enjoyment, I purchased several syringes and test tubes. Created shooter drinks in them and sold it as prescription after the “Hard Hat Challenge”. After the challenge, you can buy our special “Hard Hat Painkillers” at a discounted price. So we managed to get incremental business.

Hard Hat Painkiller Shooters


Another challenge that you can use is like the Youtube video below. The person who finishes all the shooters at one go and is still standing. Will get the beverages free of charge, a challenge t-shirt as well as their photo on the wall of fame. Ensure you collect the money first. Otherwise when they pass out before they finish, you might not get your money at all. I saw this kind of challenge at a tiny bar in Koh Samui, Thailand known as “Viking Bar”.

Look around or surf Youtube. There’s alot of crazy and unique bar challenges to add the “WOW” in your place



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Aug 23

Restaurant Promotion Idea #38 – Fun and Unique Restaurant Challenges

Besides creating signature dishes or beverages. You can also create fun as well as unique challenges. This will make your restaurant stand out above your competition. […] Continue Reading…


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Aug 19

Restaurant Marketing Ideas for September

As summer gives way to fall, many families find that their busier schedules just don’t allow for dining out on a regular basis. But September offers restaurant owners and operators many restaurant marketing opportunities to help build traffic and sales.
September is a great time to roll out some of your restaurant’s top breakfast, chicken, mushroom and rice recipes as the entire month is devoted to those products.
September also offers many special days and foods that can be worked into your restaurant marketing plan, including Acorn Squash, Apples, Apple Dumplings, Butterscotch Pudding, Cheese Pizza, Cheeseburgers, Cherries Jubilee, Cherry Popovers, Chocolate, Coffee Ice Cream, Corned Beef Hash, Cream-Filled Donuts, Guacamole, Hoagies, Hot Cross Buns, Ice Cream Cones, Linguine, Macademia Nuts, Pancakes, Peanuts, Pecan Cookies, Salami, Strawberry Cream Pie, Welsh Rarebit and White Chocolate. […] Continue Reading…


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Jun 30

Restaurant Promotion Idea # 37 – Bounce Back Voucher Ideas

In one of my post a long time ago I wrote about Bounce Back Vouchers to encourage customers to return during the sluggish season.
Here are some suggestions on making giving out the Bounce Back Vouchers fun. Some of it that I have tried and some of it I am going to try. […] Continue Reading…


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Jun 20

Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 36- Unique Poster Ideas

Posters are a great way to get your messages across to your customers without breaking the bank. Strategically placed posters is sure to grab attention of people walking by, For me I like to use large, yummy images to make passers by hungry.
Below are some of my favourite posters and the site that I got it from […] Continue Reading…


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