May 27

Restaurant Promotion Idea # 35 :- Digital Display to Market your Specials

Digital display board


By utilizing digital displays you can do away with printing of posters to promote your specials as well as products. You can even add a few different promotions and just allow the display to play the pictures. If you were to use the traditional printed poster you would need to print several different posters intended for various promotions. Besides to placing them around the restaurant hoping the customer will see it. A moving picture show will catch people’s attention as opposed to a static poster. You can even change your promotions and specials weekly and fast.

You can buy a software that you can plug to your LCD TELEVISION or you can even use a DVD player that can work using a USB flash drive. You will find quite some not to expensive USB compatible DVDs available in the market now. Just create a few jpeg pictures of your specials, put it on a flash drive, connect it into your DVD and play. Ensure the time between pictures are not too fast or too slow. Making use of Digital Display to promote merchandise, specials as well as menus have long the retail and the fast food business. But restaurants are slow to use this promotional idea. Some restaurants have a television set up in their dining area, which they will show movies, news or sporting events. I have noticed that most people are not interested in what’s on TV. If they wanted to watch TV, they wouldn’t have come out for dinner. Put it to use as a promotional board. Place some nice pictures along with unique taglines on it. If you are in a location with heavy traffic, a digital board behind your window. Pictures of delicious foods will tempt customers to stroll in.

Depending on your customers. To create the jpeg pictures I use Powerpoint and “Save as” jpeg. Make sure your food pictures are sharp or else it will break up on the screen. Add some unique or funny tag lines. This will capture the attention of your customers.

Bear in mind these days people don’t have the time to read lengthy taglines. Visit some famous fast food outlets such as McDonalds, Burger King and Starbucks. These people go to great lengths to study exactly what captures people’s attention. As the saying goes ” A picture paints 1000 words”. You won’t have to worry if your employees don’t explain a promotion, cause the picture will tell all.

You can place your LCD Display anywhere. At the entrance, at the hostess stand, at your waiting lounge as well as at several location of the restaurant. Cost might be factor with regards to setting up a digital promotion board. But its a one time installation as compared to printing posters. You need to brand new posters for new promotion. With a digital board you just design your products and uploaded it into the screen. If you don’t need it anymore, you just delete it.

Below are some of the specials that I created on Powerpoint and uploaded on my Digital Display

Digital Poster 1

Digital Poster 2

Digital Poster 3


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Apr 27

Restaurant Promotion Idea # 34 – Pub Olympics

My boss wanted to add some fun as well as entertaining games in our bar particularly on weekends. Thus he purchased a few items that we could use as party games such as blowpipe, speed stacking and so on. He wanted a variety of games in which the guest may take part during the band’s break.
So as usual I turned to the ever so wise World Wide Web for party games ideas. Instead I stumbled upon a great Restaurant Promotion Idea. Instead of holding a single game why don’t we hold a Pub Olympics.
Here some ideas on how I organized our First Pub Olympic in our bar. […] Continue Reading…


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Apr 18

Restaurant Promotion Idea # 33 – Father’s Day Specials

Based on the research by the National Restaurant Association. Father’s Day is the third most celebrated holiday right after Valentine’s and Mother’s day. They estimate that more than 50 million Americans will dine out on Father’s Day in 2013.
My friend, a chef used to joke that fathers are the ATM machines of families. When the family needs money, they will go to dad to request money. Thus it’s a good idea to create promotional activities in your restaurant for the breadwinner in all of our lives. […] Continue Reading…


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Apr 03

Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 32- Theme Party

Creating a weekly theme dinner party is an excellent strategy to provide your customers with something different . Once a week transform your deco, food and even the staffs uniform to suit the particular theme. Select a theme that will suit with your customers as well as your location. Should you be located in a young housing area such as young working adult, college or university goers. Consider a party theme like Mardi Gras or even Spring Break. If you are located in the vicinity of families then do a fun theme which the kids will love such as a Pirate’s Theme. A properly plan theme party will definitely be a great hit especially during the slow days. […] Continue Reading…


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Mar 24

Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas For Restaurants

Mother’s Day is one of a handful of days in each year when demand for restaurant tables is almost guaranteed and goes through the roof, but just because demand is high on this day, it doesn’t mean that you can afford to simply sit back and wait for the bookings to flood in. […] Continue Reading…


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