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  1. Proper Planning
  2. Effective Marketing
  3. Exquisite Recipes
  4. Extraordinary Service

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Ideas for the Special Lady in our Life


MumMother’s Day is just a few weeks away. It is one of the most popular occasion of the year to dine out and celebrate according to the National Restaurant Association in America. This year its celebrated on the 11th May 2014. Most family restaurants will be planning special buffets or hi tea for that Special Lady in Our Life. Mother’s Day like Valentine’s Day and Christmas offers you an opportunity to come out with special promotions thus increasing revenue.

VIM- Very Important Mummy
For that day give every mother that dines in your place “Special VIP Treatment”. Your can give out special garlands with a large shell at the bottom with the words printed in bold “VIM – Very Important Mummy“. Give them complimentary beverages, meal on FOC, have a photo taken and put it in a nice frame.

Try Something Different
If your restaurant is located by the beach or a park. Create special picnic baskets for families to purchase to have a family picnic. Get a nice picnic basket, a mat, a nice umbrella and maybe a foldable chair for Mum. Collect a deposit for these items and when the guest returns all the items, give them back the deposit. Prepare some gourmet type finger food, add a bottle of wine. Your tag line could be “The most important gift that you can give your MUM is your time, spend it by the beach or in X park with our special Mother’s Day Picnic Basket

Give out Gifts
Along with whatever you are offering for this special day, add a gift to draw the customers in. Choose something unique. It don’t only need to be a food or beverage related. You can work with the local photo studio and give out family portraits. They can bring their equipment to your restaurant and set up a mini studio there. Nowadays there is softwares that can even put scenery in your family portraits without much hassle. But make sure your logo is in the picture too. A “Very Important Mum” fridge magnet is also a good idea. Cause your logo will be on the fridge for everyone to see. You can also give out free Spa Vouchers for mums.

Take Care of the Kids
During your mother’s day event. Have a corner for the little ones This is so mum can have her meal with ease without worrying about the kids and eat peacefully. Create a corner for which is fenced up with activities to keep the kids occupied while mum dines. Hire a clown, magician, have some kids games. Even have a mini buffet for the kids to eat. Engage a few staff to take care of the kids. This will give mum a much needed break.

No matter what your Restaurant Promotion Ideas  is, do something that will be fun and memorable for families. This will then get you loyal customers.

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