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Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 26 – Bar Games

Adding Bar Games to Increase Revenue

Bar games are a good way to maximize your sales with your current guest and also to create an atmosphere of fun and laughter in your establishment. There are a number of bar games that you can buy and use, all depending on the kind of bar that you have and how much fun your customers likes to have. Apart from the normal darts and pool, I have also purchased some table drinking games that can be played at the guest table. Below are two of the games that I purchased recently.


DrinkoThe drinking game of chance! This game is created similarly to the Plinko pricing game on the popular game show “The Price is Right”. If you have never seen this game show, its OK. This drinking game is a no brainer. Each player chooses a colored shot glass and matching playing chip, then places their glass at the bottom of the game board. Once a player chooses a slot for their glass, they must remain there until the end of the round. Players then take turns dropping their chips anywhere along the top opening of the game board and watch it fall. The players whose shot glass occupies the spot where the chip lands must drink their shot and refill the glass to resume play. If you manage to get your chip in your own glass, everyone else must take their shot!
This game includes 6 shot glasses, chips, playing board and instructions, but we don’t think you’ll need them

Shots and Ladders Drinking Game

shootes and ladder

Change the chute to shoot, and one of the most beloved board games becomes a drinking game diversion! Perfect for 2-6 people, simply roll the dice and follow the drinking game directions! Shooters and ladders drinking game set comes complete with instructions 6 shot glasses, one dice, and an 11¾”x11¾ glass game board. Product Features: Change the chute to shoot, and one of the most beloved board games becomes a drinking game diversion Perfect for 2-6 people, simply roll the dice and follow the drinking game directions Set crafted from glass Set comes complete with instructions 6 shot glasses, one dice, and an 11¾”x11¾ glass game board

If your are unable to get these types of board games, below are some games that I have found on the net that uses easy to get items like playing cards, dice and even rings. The first one is quite interesting, The Ring Game. I am planning to do it at my bar.

The Ring Game

It’s got a bunch of different names, but basically, there’s a metal ring on the end of a string hanging from the ceiling. You try to swing that ring onto a hook on the wall. It’s a game of fine motor skills, which is ironic considering the amount you’ll drink while playing it.

Article Source :- The 9 Best Bar Games Ever


Circle of Death/ Kings Cup

Circle of Death (aka King’s Cup, Ring of Fire, and a bunch of other names) is a great drinking game for a big group. Circle of Death isn’t the best game if you’re looking to really get your drink on, but it’s a great early night game.

Click here if you want to know more about the game Kings


 Three Man Drinking Game

Three Man is a drinking dice game that is usually played in college. It is more of a sociable game that requires virtually no skill. It is best to play Three Man with a group of 4-8 people sitting around a table that already have a few drinks in them. The game is played with 2 dice. There really is no winner or loser in this game and it ends when everyone agrees.

To find out more, please click here Three Man Drinking Game


If you want more ideas, this website has about 104 drinking games for you to choose from. Just click here


Offering games at your bar is not only a great way for patrons to have fun with their friends, it also keeps them at your establishment longer. What games do you offer at your bar?




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Oct 06

Inexpensive, Tasteful and Easy Halloween Decoration for your Restaurant

In my Halloween Promotion Idea Article a year ago, “Restaurant Promotion Idea #15 – Halloween Specials”. I pointed out that there are a plenty of Halloween Home decorating tips in the World Wide Web that you could use in your restaurant or pub. These days my favourite site for searching decorations is Pinterest. Merely go to their search bar and type your search keywords and press enter. What’s great is that Pinterest only displays the featured picture therefore its easy for you to skim through. Click on the picture you desire and navigate to the website. For me I save most of the interesting web page in Pockets, so as I can go through it later. Below are some sites of which I have found really interesting and I am going to make use of some of their ideas cause they are simple to do as well as inexpensive. [...] Continue Reading…


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Sep 28

Restaurant Promotion for October – Fun & Scary Halloween

October is the month to hold fun as well as scary promotional activities in your establishment. Its Halloween month. Host a Halloween bash in your bar or restaurant. If you are managing a restaurant come out with seasonal specialties such as Pumpkin Soup, Apple Cider Stew and so forth. Redesign the items by adding some gore into it. Send out free invitations to your regulars. Come out with humorous eye catching flyers. This year I am developing a doorknob flyer shaped like a white ghost and I will hang it on our room guest doors in the afternoons. [...] Continue Reading…


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Sep 16

Restaurant Promo Ideas #25 :- Hometown Celebrity Chef

In my previous post Restaurant Promo Ideas #24 :- Chef’s NIght Buffet , I wrote about getting a Celebrity Chef to come and promote your restaurant. But if you are not able to engage a Celebrity Chef or Guest Chef, then why don’t you create your very own Hometown Celebrity Chefs. Holding tournaments in your restaurant is a fun approach to create awareness. This is one of the reasons why I carried out a Dart Competition to promote our Sports Bar. [...] Continue Reading…


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Aug 10

Restaurant Promo Ideas # 24 :- Chef’s Night Buffet

One promotional activity that some restaurants as well as hotels prefer to carry out is to have Guest Chefs. Should they possess the budget, they will get a Celebrity Chef to prepare some dishes. Most of time hiring a Celebrity might not bring you the profit you desire after taking out the chef’s expenses as well as their perks. However its a good advertising and marketing hook in order to let people know that you are around. [...] Continue Reading…


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