Why Your Bar or Restaurant Needs a Training Program for New Hires

Well-trained employees can help you keep loyal customers, increase your profits, and boost business. So if great staff members are so important, why don’t more bars and restaurants have the sort of staff that inspires rave reviews from customers? The answer may be staff training. Not every bar or restaurant trains new hires, but doing so can make a huge difference. Here are a few reasons why new hire training is so important and beneficial for your bar or restaurant.

It promotes food safety.

A case of food poisoning or a bad inspection from the health department can sink your business. No customer wants to go to a bar or restaurant where they have a high chance of getting sick! You can minimize the chance of this happening by training your new hires in proper food handling. Employees need to learn the correct temperatures to store food and the correct ways to handle food. Also be sure to outline proper employee hygiene, like hand washing.

It means better service.

It’s no secret that great service is one of the things that makes customers come back again and again. How can your employees provide great service if they don’t even know how? Employees must learn how to speak to customers courteously and how to keep them happy. And for employees to be truly helpful for customers, they have to learn everything there is to know about your menu, your bar or restaurant, and your neighborhood.

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