Restaurant Promotion Idea #47 :- Valentine Cocktails Ideas

In my previous post Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 29 – Valentine Specials. I pointed out that “Valentine’s Day, the only most celebrated event on the globe and is also the second busiest holiday for restaurants“. This will likely be the day when restaurants and cafes will put together and market the most romantic menu  for couples. In the most intimate ambience they can come up. I have also written some inexpensive designing ideas for your restaurant here. Click here.

Very well coming back to dinner, you have sold your Romantic Valentine’s Dinner. Thus how do you increase your average check. It is simple, sell extra items like beverages. Rather than offering wines, create special cocktails or mocktails to match the occasion.

Below are some interesting Romantic Cocktails that I found on the net, that you could use in your restaurant.


I put this on top of the list for its fruity and red in colour. Its simple to make and light. So as your guest will have plenty of room to order seconds. Its a mixture of Malibu Rum, Peach Schnapps, Vodka, Cranberry Juice.

Valentine’s Special: Love Martini (Cocktail)

LOVE POTION (Cocktail)

This website has a variety of cocktail recipes for Valentine’s Day. But the one that caught my eye was the Love Potion. Its pink in colour and also served in a Martini glass. The ingredients are vodka, amaretto, peach liquer, cranberry and orange juice.

Love Potion Drink Recipe


A light and refreshing cocktail.  A simple fast and easy to prepare. Just prepare rasphery or strawberry sherbets beforehand. And float it in a glass of bubbly. To make it non alcoholic, just change the bubbly with ginger ale.

Raspberry Champagne Float

SOFT LOVE (Cocktail)

A not to strong cocktail with the sweetness of banana and berry.  Its light pink colour will go well with the Valentine theme. The website for the recipe is SOFT LOVE


The spiced up version of the strawberry milkshake. A blended mixture of gin, vanilla ice cream, frozen strawberries and frozen pink lemonade. With a sexy name, it will be yummy cocktail. The website to go is Frozen Pink Panties.

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