Learning with Youtube – Stove Top Pizza

Pizza is a favourite food import to most people in Malaysia. Around major cities  you will discover large pizza franchise such as Pizza Hut and Domino’s. There are also many home grown pizza restaurants. At some of the local Night Markets, you will see people selling pizza cooked in a make shift oven. There is one such entrepenuer in Kuala Kangsar that have expanded his pizza business to a large food truck. A couple of years ago he only started with only a gas stove oven and a small foldable table. Of which will give you an idea of how popular pizza is in Malaysia..

The pizza statistic found in the 2015 Pizza Power Report revealed a Pizza Industry International Growth Rates of 2014 showed a 27% increase in Asia Pacific . Source: – The 2015 Pizza Power Report


Being a family resort, we wanted to expand our menu by adding pizza. For the in room dining option. But a pizza oven is quite expensive. And in case the pizza don’t catch on with our customers, then I  will be stuck with a pizza oven. Later a friend shared this video in Facebook. It was a video on how to make Stove Top Pizza. You didn’t need an oven. The directions were so easy. We tried it and now its in our menu. Watch this video below and give it a try


This idea will work well if you have a seasonal crowd and only want to sell pizza occasionally.

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