Restaurant Promotion Idea # 41 – Make your New Year party Memorable to keep them coming back.

Some Ideas to Amplify your New Year’s Eve celebration in your Restaurant or Bar

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New Year’s Eve day, is an opportunity to let your hair down as well as party with friends. There are lots of reasons to celebrate New Year’s Eve. You can say to celebrate a fantastic year thats passing.  Or perhaps you can say goodbye to a not so good year and hope the coming year will be better. Most people will start searching for party venues early. Thus begin early to promote your restaurant or bar  to be ahead of the rest. Get your entertainment plan early. Cause this is when the good entertainers get booked early. Make sure you have enough staff as well as beverages. Do you need to have any special food? Pretty much everything in place, you still need to plan some activities to make your New Year’s Eve party even awesome. So people will come back next year and the following year. Here are some ideas on how to amp up your party. Some I have carried out and some I am going to try.

1. Create a Theme

Rather than doing just a normal Countdown Party, do a party with a theme. This year I am going to do a “Mad Hatter Party”. My staff will put on different hats and the customer who comes in wearing funny hat will get a10% off on their beverage bill. There are many theme party ideas that you can do. Some examples are a Mardi Gras or even a Hawaiian Luau theme. Do something out of the ordinary that will “WOW” your customers. So they will be back next. I stumbled upon this great website on how to organise a theme party in your restaurant or bar. Please click here


2. Auction Of Your Champagne

Other than New Year’s Eve, we rarely sell our champagnes and sparkling wines. So to have a fresh stock for the coming year, I usually auction my champagnes and sparkling wines. I begin the auction at 11. 30pm, so the customers will have champagne to pop to bring the New Year. My starting price will usually be 60% of the beverage cost and move up. I have a large ship bell which my staff will ring when the auction begins.


3. Create your own Fun Gimmick

Other than hanging a giant clock to countdown the New Year. To make tour event memorable, create your own fun gimmick to ring in the NewYear. A few of the places that I worked, we have a Chef Parade round the restaurant and the resort. The kitchen team will go around banging their pots and pans when the clock strikes twelve. One year they even created a dragon from several boxes and table cloths. They did a inpromto dragon dance at the head of the Chef Parade. It was fun. If you don’t have a kitchen team, you could dress an employee in old rags along with sash with the current year. Ten minutes before midnight, walk in and wave goodbye to the customers. When the clock strikes 12, another staff dressed as a baby with a sash of the New Year , runs in and jumps on the stage. At another resort we even had one  of our guest walk around wearing a kilt and play his bagpipes at the stroke of midnight. He cherished his Scottish heritage.


4. Have some party games

People love participating in fun activities especially when they are with friends. At my bar, on weekends we hold party games for our customers to take part. This when the band goes for their break. Just to keep up the momentum. So have a limbo rock, baby bottle drinking competition this New Year’s eve. For more game ideas watch this game show “A Minute to Win it”. They have interesting games using everyday house hold things. I like the one when they use ordinary playing cards. The participants have to throw the cards and it must stick on the  watermelon. Looks easy since the watermelon is soft inside. Believe me, I tried it and its not easy. Even when your customers are dancing, your DJ can announce that anyone that brings him something example a red shoe can win prize.


The goal of all the above is to give guest a awesome new year. For them to look forward to another awesome party at your bar again. Please feel free to add additional ideas in the comment section.

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