How to Build a Restaurant Website with WordPress

by Brenda Barron


The primary purpose of a restaurant website is to give guests and potential guests information they need to choose your restaurant. But a well-designed website can actually do a lot more than that.
Sometimes restaurants are chosen days ahead. Other times they are chosen by the visitors while they’re on their way to the restaurant. For this reason, you want a restaurant website that’s localized, works great on both desktop and mobile, and has the information that customers need to make their choice – which often includes information for the whole family.
This means the website has to be easy to use from any type of device or system, needs to give customers information about their menu, and shows them how to get there. It also needs to be easy to find on the web. I know that’s a lot to manage, but bear with me; we’ll cover all that and more here today


Elements of a Restaurant Website

No matter what kind of restaurant you have, whether it’s a café, a buffet, or a coffee and doughnut shop, all restaurants need the same key elements.
A great site isn’t about looking cool. It’s about providing your guests (and potential guests) with the information they need about your restaurant.
It must be mobile friendly. Mobile devices are becoming more popular and many visitors will use mobile devices when searching for a restaurant. Be sure that every plugin and theme you use is not only responsive, but looks amazing when used on mobile systems.
Here’s a list of the features and pages to consider when building your restaurant website. Some of these are just content while others might take a special plugin. Plugins have been suggested for the elements that require them.

Your Story

People love stories. Especially origin stories and stories about overcoming great obstacles. Restaurants often have great stories to tell. Give your readers your interesting story in an About page. This is also a great place to add a photo gallery to show off your company’s history and your restaurant’s current ambiance.



There should be detailed information about the menu. The menu is the star of the show. So please don’t make people download a PDF menu. Show it to them on the site. Make it interactive. Make it shareable. Don’t use Flash. It should be viewable in mobile devices. Give them the information they need for their entire family. The menu should include information such as:

  • Pictures of the food
  • Detailed descriptions
  • Dietary information
  • Price
  • Recommendations
  • Specials
  • What’s new

You may find using a plugin to be the best option for displaying this information. Here’s a good plugin that provides this and more:

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