An Interesting Article :- Food Network Chef Robert Irvine Shares The Top 5 Reasons Restaurants Fail

As I have mentioned before I like to watch food and beverage related reality shows. I like watching shows where an experienced restaurateur or chef, helps out a failing restaurant get back on their feet. One such show is the “Restaurant : Impossible” on Food Network. Here Chef Robert Irvine deals out some tough love to help failing restaurants. You can learn a lot from these shows. I have found an interesting article on the net I like to share. The title says it all.

Food Network Chef Robert Irvine Shares The Top 5 Reasons Restaurants Fail

Anyone who has seen an episode of “Restaurant: Impossible” on the Food Network knows that restaurants need much more than mom’s classic recipes to survive.

According to a frequently cited study by Ohio State University on failed restaurants, 60% do not make it past the first year, and 80% go under in five years.

Why is the restaurant business so tough? We reached out to celebrity chef Robert Irvine, the host of business make-over show “Restaurant: Impossible,” to find out. Here are Irvine’s top five reasons restaurants fail, in his words:


“So many of the restaurants that I save on ‘Restaurant: Impossible’ are in their current situation because of inexperienced, but well-meaning, owners,” says Irvine. “Potential restaurateurs do not realize or appreciate the specific set of demands that come along with owning and running a restaurant. Once realized, it is often way too late.”

“The issue is further compounded,” he continues, “by trying to fix this situation by bringing in someone with experience to save the sinking ship and ebb the money loss. This can be effective, but it also adds more of a financial burden to the bottom line by bringing in someone who expects to be paid relative to their experience.”

Bad People Management

“Unlike other businesses where you may find yourself managing just one group of people with one specific skill set, restaurants have a ton of moving parts requiring a diverse group of people with varying skills sets, talents, and personalities,” Irvine says. “I have always found that the best managers are the ones who have worked their way up the chain of command and started at the bottom (again, going back to the experience factor).”

“Managers who have walked a mile in the shoes of the people they are overseeing are more understanding, compassionate, and seek like-mindedness while providing insight into how best to relate to, approach, and motivate each member of their team.”


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