My Favourite Websites to follow about Restaurants Business

What I follow to keep me in the know about the Restaurant Business

The restaurant industry is an ever changing industry. There’s always brand new food trends, new technology. There also alot new ways of promoting as well as marketing your restaurant. Even the the big boys such as McDonalds need to evolve or else they will be left behind. McDonalds plus some other fast food franchise are opening their doors early for breakfast. This is to capture incremental business from the early birds.

Fortunately there are websites on the web that you could follow. To keep oneself up to date with the changes in the industry. Together with new restaurant promotions ideas to help you market your restaurant.

Below are a few websites that I follow, subscribe and have found to be quite useful.

National Restaurant Association

The National Restaurant Association website has lots of articles on the food and beverage industry. You will discover tips on promoting your restaurant as well as how to build your email list. How to promote your restaurant by way of social media. And so forth. They even have a category known as Workforce Engagement” which covers training and hiring of staff.
I discovered this site when I was looking for holiday marketing ideas and found. The article was “10 Holiday Marketing Ideas“.
Just visit this website and see for yourself. National Restaurant Association

I subscribe to their free email newsletter. They will send to you a newsletter with all their top stories and|as well as lastest trends. Neat thing about their newsletters are there’s articles on Restaurant Marketing Ideas for each month. Each monthly restaurant marketing idea article also has a Marketing Calender with all the popular holidays for that particular month. I have shared a few of the Monthly Restaurant Marketing Ideas articles here. Besides there are articles on what other food outlets are doing.
So subscribe to their free email newsletter. They will send to you a newsletter in your mail and will have an idea on the current trends in the industry.
The website to go is RestaurantNews. com.


The Smartbrief website sends out regular newsletters of the category that you subscribe to. There are quite many categories that you could subsribe to. There are categories for Business, Education, Finance, Tech and more . All in all about 13 different categories. I subscribe to a few of these categories. One of them is the Food and Beverage, subcategory Restaurant Smartbrief. What I get in my mailbox on a daily basis are articles related to the Restaurant Industry. Some of the articles are useful. You don’t need to search the web for new ideas or information, team at Smartbrief does it for you. To know more or subscribe visit Smartbrief. com.

I came across this website while looking for a restaurant idea forum. The forum was also very informative as most of the members was some way or another involved in the food and beverage business. The forums had categories like Restaurant Biz talk (for those in the restaurant business), Chefs and cooks corner, Techtalk – Restaurant Point of Sales. You can even subscribe to their weekly newletter of which they will highlight their picks for the best article for the Restaurant Industry.
You visit this site at

Another source of my restaurant news is from But recently I have learnt that it was aquired by Flipboard. Hope it will remain the same great site. Well here’s something about Zite. I installed the Zite App o my smartphone you can get it from the Google Play Store. Put n my favourites which one of them was of course about food and restaurant. So daily I just whip out my Smartphone. Go to the app and see what is the lastest news on my chosen topics. Zite is a daily magazine that analyzes millions of articles and gives you the best and popular ones.
You can install this app from Google Store Zite or the lastest Flipboard.


Recently I found a few more sites. One of them is the Restaurant Business website.
The site not only sent you daily newsletters to you. There’s also great resouces for restaurant owners. You not only get the lastest industry news. There are many categories that I am sure will be of great help. The categories are Ideas (is divided into subcategories of Innovations, 50 Marketing Ideas, Marketing, Social Media just to name a few). The other categories are Operations (which has an advise page), Menu, Opinions and also Resources. There is even a subcategory on recipes. I liked the 50 Great Ideas subcategories. To know more, just visit




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