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Allfoodbusiness.com – A Website with Great Resources for Restaurant Owners

Licensed by Creative Commons

Licensed by Creative Commons

I stumbled onto this site after reading an article on the net on intended for restaurant owners. A first glance at this site, it looked rather boring. It look like one of those websites that only feeds you information and lots of statistics. Reason being,  you will discover not much pictures as most restaurant websites have.
Still after going through the website. I found that its a useful site for restaurant owners and those wanting to be restaurant owners. There are several useful categories.
What caught my attention was the “Start Restaurant” category. This category is great for those wanting to open a restaurant. Opening a restaurant is not all glitz and glamour as you see on the television. There is alot you need to put into it, as restaurant knowledge in the day to day running of your restaurant. I have seen quite a many friends losing all their life savings. Trusting their chef or restaurant manager. At the “Start Restaurant” category you will find articles ranging from choosing a concept till creating a great website your restaurant. There is even articles for restaurant finance guides such as cash control tips, theft management. There is one on credit card fraud. The other interesting category for me was the “Restaurant Management“. In it you will find articles from where to find your staff, hiring a chef and manager to controlling labour cost. In the “Equipment” category, you will find tips on how to take care of your restaurant equipment. This is important cause restaurant as well as kitchen equipment is expensive.

There is also a blog page with articles related to the restaurant indusry. And also a recipe page. Only thing that I found that this website don’t have is a is follow button. Where you can get the lastest articles that appears on the website. But its ok, when I need resources, I just come here and do a search. Dropby this site and you will|and you’ll get lots of resources at your finger tips.The site to go www.allfoodbusiness.com

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Having your own restaurant is one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable business ventures. Food is a renewable commodity. This means that people won’t stop looking for different sources of food because dining out is entertaining as well as functional.