Giving Unique Corporate Gifts – Restaurant Promotion Ideas #10

Corporate Gift – Calligraphy Scroll

My #10 Restaurant Promotion Idea is giving unique corporate gifts out to company and potential customers

A colleague gave me this idea when we were discussing how we can show our local regulars that we value their support. It was for one of our corporate gift that we give to our regulars during festivals. You can read about this in my previous post, Promoting your Restaurant through Great Customer Service. As a majority of our local regulars are Chinese Business Men who are farmers or traders by trade, we had to come out with an idea which they can use and appreciate it. So the normal corporate gift like pens, paperweights or even cardholders were out of the question. These people usually entertain their clients in our restaurants, we needed to come out with a unique corporate gift that will stand out.

Gift for Good Luck- Calligraphy Scroll

Chinese Koi FishWhat we did was print some Chinese calligraphy scroll with our logo and address at the bottom. Then we went around presenting it personally to our local regulars for them to hang in their office or places of business. They were very happy with these gift as the words on it meant for them to have a prosperous business. So as they hung the scroll on the wall, they will always have a constant reminder of our restaurant in front of them. It’s because we have printed our logo and address at the bottom. This is also a type free advertisement for us. When their friends or clients visit them, they will sure to see the scroll with our logo and address. Scrolls are easy to hang as they are light and only use a string to hang it up.

Decorative Chinese calligraphy scroll are normally given as a gift to bestow good fortune on the recipient. On it is written with artistic Chinese characters expressing best wishes or good luck. Some scrolls have a red background because red is the traditional color for luck. But I personally feel a white or cream color scroll with black letter looks more beautiful on the wall of someone’s office. Some scroll have brushstroke landscape paintings together with the characters, as with many traditional Chinese scroll paintings. For business, the picture of koi fishes is preferred as it symbolizes persistence and willingness to continue on the face of difficulties. Koi is known to swim against the current.

Romantic Gift – Romantic Scroll

Even for special occasion like honeymoon, marriage proposals, wedding anniversary and so on you can do a scroll with some romantic poem on it. Roll it up and tie with a ribbon. Give it to the couple with a pen, so as they can sign on it together. Sort of a declaration of love document. Maybe with a small portion at the bottom of the scroll where the couple can tear off and enjoy a candlelight dinner to celebrate their sixth month anniversary at your place with a special price. When I was working in a hotel in Thailand, what we did for those couples that book the honeymoon package was to have a romantic scroll in their rooms. You can get some free poems from the net. You also engage the services of a professional printer to print your gift.