Restaurant Promotion Idea #28 – Twelve Days of Christmas Promotional Ideas

12 Promotion Ideas for the 12 days of Christmas

Christmas DinnerInstead of doing just a one day Christmas Promotion, why don’t you do 12 days of Christmas Promotion Activity which will stretch until the Feast of Epiphany. The more days you do a promotion, the more revenue you will receive for your restaurant. To make it more fun, work around the 12 Days of Christmas Lyrics. Here are 12 days of creative promotional ideas that I’ve found along the way.

On the first day of Christmas – my true love sent to me:
A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Gift Cards

Give out Gift cards with future discounts or free gifts to all customers visiting your restaurant on the first day of Christmas. You can give out discounts, free gifts even services from other companies like a manicure, car wash vouchers. The list is endless. Print out different gift card vouchers, put in a nice Christmas Theme Envelope, place it at your cashier counter. So when they pay the bill they can draw their lucky gift card.


On the second day of Christmas – my true love sent to me:
Two Turtle Doves

Couple Night Out

On the second day of Christmas have a couple’s night out. Parents need a much needed rest after all the Christmas planning for their family’s Christmas event. A day when parents can relax and enjoy a nice lunch or dinner date without the children. Create a romantic candlelight Christmas Theme Dinner for two. If you are near to a daycare centre, workout a package where the daycare centre can take care of their kids while they dine. Create a menu without the turkey or other Christmas dishes, because some people get really bored with all the Christmas dishes year in year out.


On the third day of Christmas – my true love sent to me:
Three French Hens

Buy Three pay only for Two

Do a promotion where three people dine and only pay for two special.


On the fourth day of Christmas – my true love sent to me:
Five Golden Rings

Acts of Kindness

The holiday season is an especially good time to kick off a Community Service initiative for your organization. Choose a day in the week to do some community service with your staff and maybe some of your regulars or suppliers. Work together to visit old folks homes, orphanage and many more places that you can spread love. It will be a fun gathering for every one and also lift everyone’s hearts. Try to get this event in the local newspaper. Even your suppliers can get some marketing leverage when the media gets hold of this story. It’s a real Win – Win situation for all. A few days before Christmas hold a Gift Collection Booth in your Restaurant with names of Kids from the local orphanage and what they would like for Christmas. Your customers can pick a kid buy the present, wrap it up and deposit at the booth. On the Community Service Day you can go and give out the presents with the person who bought it if they want to follow.


On the fifth day of Christmas – my true love sent to me:
Five Golden Rings

Christmas Thank You Parties

December and Christmas is the ideal season for companies to host year end thank you parties for their staff. Large companies do it at function rooms or restaurants. Holiday parties are not only reserved for large companies, even small companies these days try to reward their employees with a holiday party. To save on costs these companies do it in their offices, here is where you come in. Create a catering menu that you can do and that is easily transported. Create flyers and give out to the companies in your vicinity. This year the fifth day of Christmas falls on a Saturday, create special packages that small companies can reserve a corner of your restaurant to do a small thank you party for their staff (if you have the space).


On the sixth day of Christmas – my true love sent to me:
Six Geese a Laying

50% Discount

As we are half way through our 12 days of Christmas, give out 50% discounts on selected items in your restaurant. A discount always attracts people.


On the seventh day of Christmas – my true love sent to me:
Seven Swans a Swimming

Before the Party Buffet Dinner

The seventh day of Christmas falls on New Year Eve. There will be New Year Celebrations in most bars and disco. You can capitalize on this by offering a before the part Buffet Dinner. You can use words like “Charge up your batteries before the party starts”, “Make sure you’re on full tank before you party


 On the eighth day of Christmas – my true love sent to me:
Eight Maids a Milking

New Year’s Day Brunch

The Eight Day of Christmas falls on New Year’s Day, a day when most people wake up late due to heavy partying or just want to wake up late on the first day of the year. Hold a New Year’s Day Brunch. Print flyers early and distribute around, so as your customers can plan ahead. Search the net for different brunch menus which others are doing. Mix and match to suit your clientele and location.

On the ninth day of Christmas – my true love sent to me:
Nine Ladies Dancing

Ladies Night Out

Have a special ladies night where all ladies pay half price or get a free cocktail when they dine at your restaurant.


On the tenth day of Christmas – my true love sent to me:
Ten Lords a Leaping

Men’s Night Out

This is for the men. Have a beer specials for men only with a special discounted price. Maybe add some dart boards or even a foosball table. If there’s live matches on, show it on a big screen.


On the eleventh day of Christmas – my true love sent to me:
Eleven Pipers Piping

Yahooo the Kids are in School

Check your calendar. Most schools will start during the first week of January. Most parents will be relieved as they had to endure a whole month of their kids and is happy
that school starts. Have a special buffet for parents, especially if you are near to a school. Parents can drop by for lunch after they drop off their kids.


On the twelfth day of Christmas – my true love sent to me:
12 Drummers Drumming

 Year End Gifts

On the last day of the 12 days Christmas Specials, why don’t you thank your customers for a great year and also build rapport for future business. Homemade gifts are great as it shows the customer how valuable they are as you have taken a lot of thought into preparing the gifts. Here are some gift ideas that you can try Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 27 – Year End Holiday Gift for your Customers

Christmas can be a big profit driver if you do it right and the results of building holiday revenue can spill over far into the new year if you do a great job of impressing existing and new customers of how great your restaurant is and how much they will want to come back again soon.



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