Restaurant Promotion Idea #15:- Halloween Specials

Halloween Theme Party

Halloween like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day is another festival that is currently being commerlized by businesses especially those related to Food and Beverage. Instead of doing it on the Halloween day like most establishments, we held our ipromotion for a week and on the Halloween’s Day we made it really grand. As with most of my promotions in this blog, below is a simple account on how we organised our Halloween Week. Hope if it will be of some help for your establishment.

Halloween Cocktails

First of all we needed to have cocktails. A word of advise when creating cocktails for promotions, avoid using heavy juices, cream or milk. Reason being these heavy juices will make your customers full, therefore they will avoid ordering another one. Also don’t make too strong, as customers will be too drunk to order another. You can search the World Wide Web for cocktail ideas. What I normally do when searching for ideas for a promotions is to go to any site even ones that talks about how to organise Hallooween parties at home. Some of the ideas can be used or modified to suit your establishment. A great site that I happen to come across is Just click here to view it’s one interesting cocktail called the Brain Hemmorage.
You don’t even have to purchase expensive garnishes, you can create some with simple things around. Just buy cookie cutter shaped like a ghost or skeleton. Cut thin slices of honeydew melon or other fruit that doesn’t break easily that is white or cream in colour. Use the cookie cutter to cut out shapes. Create dark red cocktails and float a ghostly garnish on top of it. The website have a granish that is created from lychee, black olives and some red food colouring to make eye balls. Its really gross and simple to do. I have recently come across anothet great websitehat features 50 Halloween Cocktails. The website is 50 BOO-zy Halloween Cocktails to Get You Turnt

Halloween Decorations

There is alot of Hallooween decorations for home websites that you can use. Just choose your theme. You don’t have to do the normally ghostly house, just do something different. As our Pub had a Pirate Theme, we chose the Theme from the Flying Dutchman of the Pirates of the Carribean Series. The entrance was shaped like a scene from a ghostly pirate cave. Staff was dressed in Ghostly Pirate Costumes. We even played ghostly piped organ music. Just think what’s your theme is and search the web. You can even go a step furtherby offering a discount to anyone that comes dressed as the theme. Try this website for some ideas

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Halloween Games
To add more fun to your promotion just add some fun games. Listed below are sites where you can find some interesting pub games to try. If you have an adult pub (what I mean is if your clientele are mainly adults not families), then add some games for couples to make it fun. We had a couple game where we tied a large sausage in the middle and hung it up. Each couple had to start eating at each end. the couple that finished the sausage is the winner. Another was the toilet seat toss. We put a road cone on the dance floor measured the distance and gave three toilet seat for the guest to throw into the cone. the winner is the one with the highest number of toilet seats around the cone.
Or you can also watch sme game show like a gameshow using household items “A Minute to Win It”. You can search the show on YouTube. I found it to be really interesting and simple to organise.

Halloween Flyers
I my last post Free Restaurant Templates, I found a website that has a great Halloween poster. The website is called They have a eent menu templates that you can redesign to suit your promotion. You can also add anyone that comes dressed as in a Halloween Costume will get drinks at a special price.

Theme Parties are fun to do. It also will create a buzz on the social networks when guest post their pictures or write something in their blog on the fun they had in your place. Do drop by often for more Restaurant Promo Ideas.


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Free Restaurant Menus Templates

Restaurant Menu

A restaurant menu is usually the key in promoting what your place has to offer. Inside the menu you will typically discover what’s available in your restaurant. Wonderfully designed menu will truly lure the customer to have their dinner in your establishment. I’ve discovered that beside delicious sounding explanations, mouthwatering pictures really catch the attention of customers to try something that is new to them. Personally I feel that customers are unclear of what they want, consequently a picture allows them to choose. A classic case in point is Mr. Bean from the Mr. Bean funny series orders a Steak Tartare and is stunned to learn that its raw. Designing a menu is a very daunting tasks, but as I have mentioned in my previous post Restaurant Promotion Ideas- Some Ideas From the Web The World Wide Web is loaded with ideas, help and tutorials. There’s even websites giving out free Restaurant Menu Templates in Word format. You can download it, edit it to suit your restaurant and later print it. Its really simple. Below are some of the free restaurant websites that I have used.

Menu Template

This a great site if you looking for cafe menu templates.They have various menus for various restaurants and even various occasions. There are templates for fast food, pizza or even an Italian restaurant. There’s even templates for party menus, some of which you can use in your establishment. Check out this website at I have found it to be quite useful.

Menu Templates

This site is similar to the Menu Template site mentioned above but it has lesser templates. There are few menus you can use, just click here They have a few categories like drinks menu, event menu, food menu, international menu, party menu, personal menu.

Microsoft Word Templates
In this website there is four different templates for you to choose from. Choose the restaurant menu template that you like most, download it and just fill in your information to use it. Print as many as you want. These free templates uses Microsoft Windows 97. Please click here to know more.

Podia Table Top Displays
This site is useful if you want to create table top menus. There are over 25 different table top menus for you to choose from. What I normally do is take a few which I feel will look nice and merge it. This templates are also in Microsoft Word document, so you can easily edit the templates using words. To view their designs, please click here

Free restaurant menu templates are normally good for some small operations but you have to remember everyone that sees them usually uses them. If you want your outlet to stand out, then its bettter to purchase some premium restaurant menus templates.





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