Get more Exposure with Buntings instead of One Large Banner- Restaurant Promotion Idea #20

Using Buntings to bring people to your Restaurant

Promotional BuntingYou can get more exposure with buntings instead of one large banner. I discovered that if I put up one banner, how strategic the location may be. I will only capture a certain amount of coverage. Nevertheless if I were to put up buntings around I most certainly will capture much more people. They might overlook one however if there is a lot around town they will sure to notice a few. And if your buntings leads the guest to your restaurant, that’s even better. And I have also discovered that the overhead for putting up 30 buntings is the same as putting up a single banner. Therefore now I put up much more buntings.
Promotional bunting is an effective tool to catch the attention of passerby and drawing crowds of people to where they should be, in your restaurant. Your promotional buntings need to be eye catching along with minimal text. Cause people when driving, will not have much time to read what you are trying to say. In my buntings I like to place various scrumptious looking food pictures associated with my signature dishes and beverages. In addition to that, each and every bunting I place captions such as “Hungry” for food and “Thirsty” for beverages.

I pointed out in one of my article in my blog, Restaurant Promo Ideas in which during one episode of Apprentice with Donald Trump, how a team utilized sandwich boards to get the message to the public.

Photo licenced:- Creative Commons

Photo licenced:- Creative Commons

Teardrop Buntings or Flags can be another excellent marketing tool. With its teardrop appearance, vertical positioning and it’s subtle movement flowing with the breeze, it is unique and not difficult to miss. Add some mouthwatering food pictures and you will have a winner. Teardrop buntings can be erected anywhere on the side of the road, in stands on pavements or anywhere that has lots of traffic. Be sure you seek advice from your local authorities on licensing procedures or else you will get a fine or even loose your buntings.