Restaurant Promo Ideas for April 2014

April fool 1April Fool’s Day is the best time to do outrageous restaurant promotions as well as some harmless prank on your customers. This will give them a reason to have a good laugh which in turn will make them remember your restaurant. If they put it on facebook as well as tweet about it, then others will probably notice your restaurant too. One such prank was the Burger King’s Left Handed Whooper. In 1998 Burger King advertised that they have created a new of burger called “left-handed” Whopper intended for left handed individuals. They claim that the ingredients was positioned in such a way that left handed individuals will enjoy it much better. The sandwich joke was extremely well-liked particularly after people began requesting left or right-handed Whoppers. To know more about this prank, just click here April Fool’s Pranks

Besides Christmas, Easter is another popular Religious Celebration that is highly commercialized nowadays. Have an Easter Day Brunch especially if you are in the vicinity of a church. So as families may drop by after the Easter Day Mass. Hold an Easter Day Egg Hunt, one for the children and one more later in the evening for the grown ups. Purchase some egg shaped plastic containers, place vouchers for prizes in them. Seal all of them tightly and place them at a counter. For each paying customer they are able to pick an egg and redeem their prize at the cashier counter. Another approach is to obtain one of those inflatable swimming pools, purchase a water pump and float the eggs within the pool. Make sure they air tight. Switch on the water pump so as the water will move around in a circle, thus moving the eggs round the pool. Provide each paying customer a net in order to catch an egg and see exactly what prize they won. It’s an Egg Hunt with a difference.

Another event that you could cash in on is the Tax Day. Almost every country in the world has a dateline for submitting tax returns. It is usually a stressful period for some; therefore take advantage of this situation by offering Tax Day Discounts for lunch as well as dinner a week prior to Tax Day and a week after. Offer something that is fun to reduce some of the stress from the tax season.

Below are the dates of some Holidays or Special Events that you can use

april fool 21st April Fool’s Day
7th World Health Day
10th Golfers Day
13th Palm Sunday
13th Beginning of Holy Week
13th Songkran- Thai Water Festival
13th Scrabble Day
15th Titanic Remembrance Day
15th Passover
15th April Full Moon
15th Tax Day
16th National Stress Awareness Day
18th Good Friday
20th Easter Day
20th Look Alike Day
22nd Earth Day
25th Anzac Day (New Zealand and Australia)
27th Holocaust Remembrance Day

Special events, holidays and celebrations are a great time to create effective Restaurant Promo Ideas.