The Benefits of having a Take Away Counter in your Restaurant

Restaurant Takeaway CounterRecently I mentioned that I added a take away counter in front of my restaurant. Which in turn gave me some incremental revenue. This particular idea is good in places where you have heavy foot traffic. Some examples are shopping malls and sidewalks. So it worked well as the resort lobby was just infront of my restaurant. Which gets busy when people check in and out.

A research done by the National Restaurant Association “nearly half (46 percent) of adults and 61 percent of millennials say an important factor in choosing a table service restaurant is the ability of takeout or delivery options” Source National Restaurant Association.

One of the benefits as as stated above is the incremental revenue received. As will be taking away food items, this won’t disrupt your turn over of tables. This will be extra revenue together with the revenue from dining in. This increases your revenue without raising the operation cost much. You don’t even the need to expand your restaurant. You need a staff to man the counter and also a small counter space.

Another benefit is that if the people that are taking away the food likes the food. They may dine in. Because the one thing that will bring customers back is your food. Should you offer delicious takeaways, then this will entice them to come back for more plus they might even dine in. Which means you have to make certain that the food on display is fresh as well as delicious. Additionally ensure that your counter is lit and signs are visible. And don’t stinge on packaging, get some high quality and designed packaging. If you have the budget, create unique packaging that will make your restaurant stand out above the rest. I like the packaging from a bakery shop shown below. Unique and has the menu of the other products on it. Serves two purpose as a packaging as well as a flyer. Add some new items to keep your customers interested in your takeout counter. Keep the popular ones. Take a look at how the big boys such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, Pizza Hut do it. They are changing their specials but keeping the favourites.

One more benefit of having a takeaway counter is to sell your desserts. Put a takeaway counter by the cashier counter and visible to the dining area. Add some scrumptious looking desserts. Some customers might not have dessert in your restaurant after their meal, they might be full. If you have packaged desserts to go they might take some home. To have later with their favourite hot beverages.
As with any kind of business you need to look for new ways as ideas to get incremental revenue. Do visit my other post in this Restaurant Promo Ideas website for more ideas. Hope it will be of great help to you.

Here’s an interesting article on people who benefited from having a takeout window. Happy reading¬†Windows of opportunity: how takeaways got posh


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