Restaurant Promotion Idea #49:- Summer Promotion Ideas for Restaurants

3 Summer Promotion Ideas for your Restaurant

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Summer the hottest of the four seasons, falls between spring and autumn. The warm temperatures of summer will bring people out. Most countries especially the US have month long summer holidays. Thus most families will travel. If you are in a popular summer vacation spot. You have to come out with fun and creative restaurant promotion ideas to draw people in. Otherwise they will go somewhere else. Summertime is time for you to run a long promotion.

Here are some ways to boost sales and build your summer revenue.

1. Lower prices as the temperature rises.

Pull customers to your restaurant when the temperature rises. You can come away with great summer refreshments but if you don’t have an marketing hook. Custoners might not walk inside. Create a special discount that the customer receive $10 off any purchase of $100 when the temperature goes above 100 degrees. Put a huge termometer at your entrance with line at the targeted temperatures. Or you can also do a “Cool off. Once the temperature rises above 100, all fruit juices will be a dollar off”

Another idea, is to offer “Rainy Day Discounts” to attract customers indoors when it rains. Specially when their outdoor plans get cancelled or postponed. Create some rainy day activities in your restaurant. You can even purchase some board games to keep people entertained while they wait for the rain to stop. Advertise boldly at your entrance.

2. Sell Picnic Baskets

I’ve written in my earlier post.“Restaurant Promotion Ideas #30 – Valentine’s Day Picnic Baskets”, how you can boost your Valentine’s Day revenue with picnic baskets. You can create picnic baskets for summer. Add some light and refreshing food that folks may take with them to the beach or park. This will gives them the opportunity to spend more time at the beach or park. Without having to worry about lunch. You can find some food items ideas from the net. One such website to consider is.  15 Healthy Picnic Recipes 

3. Set Up a Sidewalk Kiosk

Should you be located in an area with heavy foot traffic, then this is an idea for you. Bring your products outside and place on tables to capture the eyes of customers passing by. Sell freshly squeezed juices or even refreshing salad. In my post, I have written how I got incremental revenue by setting a kiosk infront of my outlet here “The Benefits of having a Take Away Counter in your Restaurant”. Make use of a sidewalk kiosk to unload excess inventory at discounted prices. You can even use this chance to distribute flyers for lunch.

Whats your summer promotion? Share it with us in the comments space below. Summer is the best time to do a extended promotion.

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Restaurant Promo Ideas for June

Summer’s Here Restaurant Promo Ideas

SummerSeeing that June is the start of the summer, take advantage of the warmest months of the year and also the school break simply by promoting alfresco dining if you have an outdoor space. In my previous post “Unique Selling Proposition with Afresco Dining“I have included a link to an article on how an outlet known as Psycho Suzi’s benefited from having a terrace especially during summer.
If your restaurant is situated| on a stretch of beach, holding a Beach Party is a great idea. Do it once a week perhaps on a Saturdays. Consequently you still have one week to promote as well as plan. Consider your neighbour’s reaction before you plan your party or you will have the local law enforcement shutting down your promotion even before it begins. And put to waste all your efforts.
Additionally a promotion which will go well with the warm summer weather will be ice cream. Create ice cream specials or maybe get a slush machine and market frozen beverages by your terrace. Choose a flavor that is catchy to the eyes. After we have added a slush machine to our restaurant we realized that certain slush beverages sold much better. The ones that sold better were very vibrant as well as catchy such as a blackcurrant. A slush machine will certainly to give you a return quickly as the cost of the beverage is very minimal.
Should you be located in a residential area having primarily families with small children then you can hold a Paddington’s Bear Birthday Hi Tea. Create a special discount where kids that bring their Teddy Bear eat free but must be accompanied by a paying grownup.
The month of June is also the month when one of the world’s most watched tournament begins. The FIFA World Cup. Supporters from every corner of this planet will be watching their favourite teams battle it out. Here are Five Ways to Market the FIFA World. The World Cup will begin on 12th June 2014.

Some special days in June that you might be able to use
2 – Cancer Survivors Day
6 – D-Day
8 – Best Friends Day
13 – June Full Moon
16 – Father’s Day
21 – Summer Solstice
25 – Paddington’s Bear Birthday

Also in June most colleges and university graduates will look for venues to celebrate their graduation. This is an opportunity to create some Restaurant Promo Ideas for your restaurant


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