Restaurant Promo Ideas for March 2014

License Creative Commons

License Creative Commons

March is a month Carnivals with the colourful Mardi Gras at the beginning of March and the St. Patrick’s Day in the middle. Here are some Restaurant Promotion Ideas that you can use for the month of March.
Mardi Gras is a very popular festival in New Orleans which dates back to the 16th century . Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday,” is the last day of the Carnival season as it always falls the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Its normally a week affair in New Orleans with great food, parades and parties. To know more you can go to their website Even if you are not in New Orleans why don’t create a week long Mardi Gras celebration in your bar. Have an All You can Eat Cajun/ Creole style buffet, dance floor and DJ with some lively dance music.
When I worked in a resort Cherating, Malaysia and also in Koh Samui, Thailand. The full moon nights are really beautiful as the moon lights up the sea. What I did was look at the Chinese Calender which is quite easy to get in Malaysia. From there you will get the dates of when the moon is at its fullest. As we had quite a number of long stay guest who normally stayed a week, we put into their rooms that there will be a beautiful full moon in three days time. So on the full moon nights we opened the pool bar which was near the sea, played light instrumental music and served beverages and bar snacks. There were a quite a number of people just sitting having drinks and enjoying the moonlight. Entertainment is provided by mother nature and its free.
Lent is a month where Christian around the world will abstain from meat on Fridays. If you are in a country that has a majority of Christians, for the Lent Month set up a Seafood Buffet every Friday.
Like Mardi Gras is a St.Patrick’s Day, is a one week affair. It originated from Ireland as St. Patrick os the patron saint of Ireland. In Irish Theme Pubs they will do a week long promotion with Irish Food, Guinness Stouts and Irish Songs.
In Malaysia, the first term school holidays is geared towards the end of the month. During this time families like families elsewhere in the world will do some traveling. So if you are running a family style resort why don’t create a Food Bazaar. Click here to find out how I did mine.Restaurant Promo Idea # 21- Food and Beverage Bazaar

Below are the dates of some Holidays or Special Events that you can use.
4th Mardi Gras
5th Begining of Lent Ash Wednesday
7th Employee Appreciation Day
8th International Woman Day
16th March Full Moon
17th St. Patrick’s Day


Restaurant Promotion – Some Ideas from the Web

Promo Ideas from the Web

The World Wide Web is loaded with blogs giving you restaurant promotion ideas that you can use. Formerly if we needed creative ideas, we had to look through or purchase lots of magazines to see what others were doing. It was really time consuming and some of ideas cannot be used. Reason being you will be labeled a copycat, as the other restaurant in your area is doing the same thing. To me the World Wide Web is the greatest invention to men. You can get billions upon billions of information at your fingertips. Further more some of the ideas are from other part of the world so you can use it without worrying people labeling you a copycat. You can even search for a specific promotional idea that you need. That is why I like to search the web for an idea to my current promotion. Below are some of the ideas that I feel is workable.

Workable Ideas from the Web

# 1. Bounce back Idea
If you have slow months after busy months then this promotional idea is a great idea to fill up the slow months. First prepare vouchers on items that you want to give to your customers to entice them to come back on the slow months. It can be items ranging from discounts to free entrée or desserts. Then put all vouchers in a bowl at the cashier’s counter. Set a target for a customer to spend on a single bill. When he reaches the amount, invite him over to the cashier’s counter or bring the bowl to him. Ask him to pull a voucher to be used when he returns next month. The voucher is only valid for the slow month.

# 2. Frequent Diner Passport
This is a great activity if you have buffet every night and is even better if its set to a theme country, then you can call it “Around the World buffet”. Create a passport or something similar and hand out to potential customers. Everytime the customer eats the buffet, stamp a part of the voucher. Set a target of how many stamps that the customer needs to have for him to get a free dinner. You can call it your “Frequent Diner Program“. To make it even better your staff can be dressed as flight attendants.

# 3. Employee Marketing Challenge
Your staff is your best marketers. With their help you can reach more people. What you need is to challenge them to bring in the people. One way is to create vouchers for them distribute. Create different colour vouchers maybe a hundred each. Hand it to your staff to distribute. Allocate one colour to one staff. Challenge them by saying that the most vouchers that comes back, the winner will receive a prize. This is to ensure your staff hands over the voucher to people who will come and dine. The items on the vouchers can range from discounts to free entree. The choice is yours but make it fun for staff. You can call the vouchers “Privilege Diner” vouchers and can get your staff to sign the vouchers, so as the staff will feel important.

Greatest Invention of Mankind- World Wide Web

So if you are stuck with ideas to promote your ideas or need Restaurant Promo Ideas, don’t crack your head. Just go to Google and let your fingers do the searching for you



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