Restaurant Promotion Ideas #51 – Branding Stamp Logo and Marketing

Hello there I am back. Have been so occupied with my new job posting. Very little time to blog.
Recently a friend of mine opened a little bistro. It was a mix between a snack and dessert bistro together with a juice bar. I guess he must have read my juice bar post.
Well being a new little bistro, his advertising budget was small. He was not able to print custom packaging. So he needed to purchase conventional takeaway boxes and cups. Along these lines he required a cost effective way to put his logo on his conventional takeaway boxes and cups. One option was to buy stickers but stickers comes with additional expenses.
I found this cost effective idea in the Pinterest site. Its a very simple cost effective way of putting your logo on your packaging. By using Custom Rubber inking stamps. Its simple yet keeping expenses low.

Here is the thing that you can do. Design your logo first. You can use PowerPoint or even utilize this application called Canva. You can get this application on Google Play store. Send your design to a rubber stamp supplier. Purchase a couple of rubber stamps of various sizes. You can stamp everything from paperbags, boxes, envelopes, throwaway cups and more in seconds. You can even include a QR Code or your Whatsapp Code to the stamp. It’ll quickly share a wide variety of information. So visitor can scan it and visit your site. You can even create special discount stamps and stamp on your boxes. All you need to buy is your packaging in clear paper. Whenever you need you can just stamp the packaging. You can even change the design every few months cause its cheap. Thus giving your guest a litlle variety. You can even have nice motivational stamps or funny stamps The list is endless.

To have an idea on what I mean. please visit the sites below.

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