F&B Article :- What Customers Don’t Like About Your Restaurant

Licence by Creative Commons

Licence by Creative Commons

You may have the tastiest food in town, but you don’t see repeat business. Customers go out your door praising your food but you never see them come back. Business start dropping. You spend tons of money on advertising, but you still never get repeat business. You wonder whats wrong. Could it be the menu. You change the menu but still business doesn’t come. This the senario in most failing restaurants. The owners think that its all because of the food. But there are other reasons why guest don’t return to your restaurant. RestaurantNews.com has an article on what customers don’t like about your restaurant. This could be one of the factors why your customers are not returning.
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What Customers Don’t Like About Your Restaurant

If you asked your loyal customers what they love about your restaurant, they’d probably have a long list of likes. But what about the customers who don’t like your restaurant? The ones who have a bad experience and never come back? Since you don’t have the chance to ask them what went wrong, read over this list of seven common restaurant turn offs. Are you guilty of any of these offenses? If so, you might be turning customers away!

1. Bad smells.

Customers want to smell delicious things coming from your kitchen. These are the smells that make them anticipate your food. However, they definitelydon’t want to smell cleaning fluids, burned food, old fish, or your bathrooms.

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Restaurant Promotion Idea #45:- Repeat Business with Unique Loyalty Program


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Once our Executive Chef suggested that we do a “Around the World Buffet“. He was a well travelled Chef, so he wished to feature food from countries that he visited. The buffet was featured every Sunday to attract families. We ran the promotion for three months.

Aside from sending out flyers and hanging up banners. We came out with an unique Loyalty Program. What we did was printout cards that looked like a passport. Made different rubber stamps with the country we plan to feature on the buffet. Every guest that came for the “Around the World Buffet” got this food passport. So everytime the customer presented the card when they came for the “Around the World Buffet“. We then stamped the passport with the featured country stamp. When the customer have five stamps on the card, the sixth buffet is free. Instead of having staff dressed in the traditional costume of the country, which would have cost us a bomb. Our staff all dressed like flight stewards and stewardess. We even had a few dressed as pilots. So we only needed to use one uniform throughout the promotion. Each time a guest came for dinner, the hostess who dressed as a Flight Stewardess greeted the guest by saying “Good Evening Sir, to Spain (the theme of the day). Do you have your Food Passport? “. When the guest provides the passport, she will stamp with the country’s stamp. In the event the guest doesn’t have a food passport, then the hostess give him a new passport. Each passport had the guest mailing details. So when the guest handed the passport over to redeem their prize. We thus increased our mailing list.

One more choice if you are not doing a “Around the World Buffet“, is to offer customers a card that you can stamps on with every purchase. Once they reach the target number set by you, they qualify for a prize. The prize can be a free drink, snack or even a main course. A few examples are “Buy 5 main courses and get 1 free” or “Buy five cups of any size hot made coffee and revel in a free Grande made coffee FOC” to your customers. For every item the guest purchases, your staff will stamp on the card. Another option is to give out small stickers that the guest can stick on the card.

This will encourage them to return back and boost your sales! You don’t have to run a long term loyalty program like the big boys.

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