Restaurant Promo Ideas # 23 – Five ways to Market the FIFA World Cup

Revenue Increasing Ideas during the FIFA World Cup

fifa-2010The FIFA World Cup is played once every four years and this year in 2018 the World Cup will be in Russia beginning June 2018. There will be millions of fans in every country on the planet following their favorite teams. A written report in the Nielsen website, around 111. 6 million U.S people watched at least 6 minutes of the 2010 World Cup on English as well as Spanish language networks, based on an analysis by the Nielsen Firm. The figure is a 22% increase from the 91.4 million U.S. viewers during the 2006 World Cup. You can view the full report here. 2010-world-cup-reaches-nearly-112-million-u-s-viewers

These people, the fans will also be seeking venues to watch their favorite team in action along with their buddies. Reason being its more enjoyable watching as well as cheering along with others than just watching in your own home by yourself. So screening The World Cup in your restaurant or bar will definitely boost your revenue.
You can add numerous television and also a large screen however you still need to do things differently from the rest in order to bring the masses in. Here are some methods on how you can market the World Cup as well as run specials that are lined up with the game schedules.

1. VIP Private Screening

The current resort that I am attached to features a few Private Karaoke rooms. So what I intend to do is to run the sports channel cable connection to the Television in each Karaoke room and offer the room as a private viewing venue for the World Cup. Now my customers have three private rooms to watch their favorite team with their friends. And me I just added another Unique Selling Proposition for my KTV Rooms.

2. Support Your Team Specials

Offer special discounts if your customer comes wearing the jersey of their favorite team that is playing. Another version is to give out a free drink if your customer’s favorite team scores a goal. The catch is the customer must be wearing the team’s jersey. You need to hang up a few pictures or even current jersey worn by the Qualifying teams thus people know what is actually worn this season.

3. World Cup Breakfast

In some countries on the other side of the globe, there will be instances that you will receive the live matches in the morning e. g in Malaysia there will probably be a few matches at 9. 00 am. You can take advantage of this situation and run a World Cup Breakfast. Have a special set at a special price. Or even do a small buffet breakfast. Advertise that you have this breakfast and also a big screen to watch the World Cup.

4. Churrasco BBQ

Should the live matches be shown during the dinner hour, then hold a Brazilian Churrasco BBQ. A Churrasco BBQ is a BBQ where the customer don’t need to leave the table. The waiters moves around the restaurant with skewered meat, slicing the meat on to the customer’s plate. Hence the customer don’t need to leave the table and he won’t miss a minute of the game. However your waiters need to be careful not to block the customer’s view when they are serving the meat. Add a bottle of wine preferably from the South American countries with a two person dining.

5. Hold Contest

You can hold Trivia Quizzes and give out prizes. Another simple contest is “Bet who will score the very first goal” in which the customers fills within15 minutes after the game starts. Some examples are “Who will score the first goal – The name of the player or the team, What is the score at the first half. For those easy answers like “Which team will score the first goal? ” you can give out something like a discount or a free drink. For the difficult answers, give out something costly or large like a bottle of wine. What you can do is have a sealed box at the bar counter and for every order of drinks, a customer will get a form to write their answers. When the result is out, open the box and announce the winner and give them their prize. This will certainly help to make the game more fun.

Sporting events hold a very dear place in the heart of many customers. Simply by letting them to join in on the fun, you will not only increase their enjoyment and send them home happy, you will also receive an increase in revenue. Do drop by for more Restaurant Promo Ideas.