F&B Article :- Restaurants have 6 menu tricks to get you to spend more money

Newspaper menuI have always thought that menu design is all about makng it look nice, readable and fancy.But there more to it. Through the years there’s a lot of research and articles on men designs. I have found out that designing a profitable menu is more about science that beauty. That is why I am goung to share with you this article that I have found on Business Insider on the science of menu designing. Go to the link to know more.


Restaurants have 6 menu tricks to get you to spend more money

Restaurant consultant Aaron D. Allen broke down exactly how restaurants try to influence decision making using menu design in a recent LinkedIn post. Allen reveals that nothing on a well-produced menu is random. Instead, everything from colors to the material on which the menu is printed subconsciously influence our choices.

Here are six of the biggest factors that you probably don’t realize are swaying your decision when you order.

1. Color

Restaurants use green to imply to customers that the food is fresh, orange to stimulate their appetites, and red to encourage action — and buy meals with the highest profit margin. In other words, take a second before ordering a bright red menu item.
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10 Tips for Running a Profitable Restaurant or Bar

Faced with intense competition, rising food and labor costs and sluggish economy, today’s bar and restaurant owners and operators know they can never take their eyes off of the bottom-line.

From menus and culinary trends to technology, here are 10 smart ideas to help your bar or restaurant stay competitive and profitable.

1) Reinvent your restaurant:

In a Buffalo News article by Stephen T. Watson, “In restaurant industry, high turnover and intense competition,” industry veteran Steve Calvaneso said, “You have to reinvent yourself at least once every 10 years.” Calvaneso’s restaurant holdings over the years have included Hooligan’s, City Grill, Bacchus Wine Bar & Restaurant and Libation Station.


2) Stay hungry and don’t rest on your laurels:

When business is steady and you have established a steady stream of solid, loyal patrons, it’s easy to take a step back and just keep the business running as usual. But that kind of thinking can often lead to stagnation and risk of falling behind. “Hungry means to try to learn more, always try to work hard, try to understand more from others, don’t be afraid to ask questions, make mistakes and learn from your mistakes,” according to World-Renowned Sushi Chef Nobu Matsuhisa.


3) Pay attention to what customers are saying:

With popular review and social media sites, such as Yelp or Facebook, a complaint or negative comment from just one customer can quickly spread like wild fire. Therefore, staying on top of what your customers think and proactively asking for feedback are essential. For more information on this topic, check out our previous blog post on Smarts about how to get valuable customer feedback.


4) Embrace technology:

Customer-interfacing technologies are a plus with many restaurant consumers who would rather pay their own tab than wait for the bill from their busy server. More and more restaurants are replacing paper reservation books with electronic reservation systems (i.e. OpenTable or UrbanSpoon), and putting tablets at the table for their customers to view menus, pay their bill, etc.


5) Add entertainment to the mix:

Entertain guests while they are waiting with interactive Trivia and Poker games. They will be more likely to stick around longer and less likely to complain about slow service or waiting to be seated. Check out our BEOND social, mobile, entertainment & marketing platform!


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