Sending out Promotional Letters to Potential Customers – Restaurant Promotion Idea # 12


Promotion Idea :- Promotional Letters

Sending out Promotional Letters to your potential customers, is another way to let your potential customers know of your latest promortions and menus.
Towards the end of the year, most schools will organise Annual Dinners and Gatherings. They normally start looking for venues to hold their dinners. I was thinking of ways to give them our menus and prices to get them interested and also to show them that our prices are affordable. I normally try to visit the Headmaster or the President of the Parent Teacher Assoociation. But this was not always possible as most of them was always busy and some had classes to teach.

Sending out Promotional Letters

I searched the World Wide Web for addresses of the surrounding schools. I send out promotional letters with different types of menus to these potential customers and followed up with a visit where possible. I dropped in a couple of my business cards into the envelope together with the letters and menus. We got a few calls enquiring about doing their dinners from this schools, of which we told them that we can also tailor make their menus to suit their guest. I didn’t get all the schools but I managed to secure some dinners from some of the schools.

How to Write a Promotional Letter

To write promotional letters, write with a warm and polite tone without being over friendly or imposing and demanding. Make it short and simple. Avoid using flowery long winded words, your potential customers might not have the time read your letters. The first impression matters. By this I mean that the first sentence must capture the readers attention or else it will end up in the trash bin. If the first sentence is good enough, the reader will definitely read the second sentence and the next and before he knows it the letter is finished. Avoid sounding like a sales pitch. State the facts and don’t lie, most readers can see through your lies. Don’t forget to put in your contact number even though your letterhead at the top have the details. Most people don’t read the letterhead. It is better to sign the letters by hand or get a stamp with your signature. This will makes the letter more personal to the reader.
This idea is good if you have a specific prospect to mail to. Also the date when you mail it is also important. If too early the letter might get lost with other letters or files. Or even worse land up in the trash bin. If too late the prospect might have already booked another venue. Another thing to note is don’t send out this letters to frequent as it will be regarded as junk mail.

Later I plan to also send out these promotional letters to the Corporate and Governmental Agencies in our mailing list. To learn How I collected my Mailing Address List you can go to my previous post Restaurant Promo Ideas #6- Collect Mailing Address