8 Tips For Successful Restaurant Marketing

Effective restaurant marketing is particularly important since customers are spending discretionary income. Eating out is not a requirement like paying the electric bill. You must find ways to improve revenue and get the word out to succeed in this ever-challenging environment. Below are some tips to follow.

1. Develop a signature dish
Successful restaurants have a signature dish. They develop a reputation for having the best something in town. Some have an entire line of menu items that are unique to the industry. Signature dishes are continually upgraded to prevent boredom. Many restaurants open and keep the same menu items available throughout their lifetime. Do not be one of this group.

2. Get involved with the community
Community involvement can play a huge role in promoting your restaurant. Volunteer at local fund-raising events. Sponsor a community event. Find a worthy cause and support it both financially and emotionally. Many customers seek out firms that support their local community. Make sure your restaurant is part of this.

3. Make a stand-out video
YouTube has over one billion hits monthly. Take advantage of this. Produce a video that introduces your eatery to the world. Describe why you are different. Talk about the owner’s background and why the business was started. Viewers love learning about background information.

4. Start a YouTube Channel
Start your own online channel and develop a worldwide market using links for free. Use your city’s location as a keyword to target local customers. Upload your videos to your channel. Develop a professional About page to give viewers more information about your eatery and you.

5. Send out birthday cards
Birthday cards are wonderful ways to market your eatery. According to industry statistics, birthdays are the most profitable marketing technique used by restaurants. Offer new and current customers a discounted or free meal on their special day. Some restaurants offer a free dessert instead of an entire meal. The choice is yours.

6. Offer ambiance
A pleasant ambiance makes for a fantastic promotional tool. Customers who enjoy eating in your restaurant will tell their friends, social media contacts and associates about their experience. Make certain you provide something worth remembering. Covering a wall with autographed celebrity photos is one option. One restaurant stood out by having wall-sized photos of the founding husband and wife in clear dining view.

7. Get interviewed
Use your local television and radio stations to get interviewed. Interviewing is a wonderful way to promote you and your restaurant. Have something newsworthy to share like a new dish, industry recognition, write-up in a national publication or other similar happening. Share news about an employee’s recent awards or other accomplishments. Be sure to mention your eatery’s location and contact information. The same holds true for being interviewed on your local radio station.

8. Use email
Email is a wonderful promotional tool. Optimize it by regularly communicating with customers. You can send out a short message notifying readers of a special event. You can also develop a newsletter and electronically send it out on a regular basis. Have a sign-up sheet in your restaurant and on your website. Remember you must get prior approval before sending any email communication. Include coupons for special deals that apply only for email list members in your email.

Restaurant marketing involves creativity and consistency. Do it properly and watch your customer base grow.

Amanda Cusack is a Technology and Business writer, who offers her perspective on everything from strategy to the latest gadgets, including restaurant marketing.