Restaurant Promotion Idea # 34 – Pub Olympics

Add fun and games with a monthly Pub Olympics


olympic rings

My boss wanted to add some fun as well as entertaining games in our bar particularly on weekends.  Thus he purchased a few items that we could use as party games such as blowpipe, speed stacking and so on. He wanted a variety of games in which the guest may take part during the band’s break.

So as usual I turned to the ever so wise World Wide Web for party games ideas. Instead I stumbled upon a great Restaurant Promotion Idea. Instead of holding a single game why don’t we hold a Pub Olympics.

Here some ideas on how I organized our First Pub Olympic in our bar.



  1. To have a min of 3 teams and a max of six teams. I only accepted 6 teams cause I didn’t want to stretch the time. Nowadays people get bored fast.
  2. The entrance fee was just to buy a bucket of 5 bottle of beer.
  3. Prizes were medals as well as our Pub T-shirts.

 Opening Ceremony

To make it fun we introduced the teams with a lot of fanfare. We obtained a few theme songs and let each team select their preferred song.  Whenever we introduced them we played their chosen theme song. Just to make it entertaining.

 The Games

As we didn’t want to drag our Pub Olympics too long. We just did 4 games a night. We plan to do this on a monthly basis. We changed the games around to give the guest a when they take part.

Here are  a few of the games we played.

DartsDarts Highest Score

Two players from each team will take turn throwing 3 darts, with the score recorded. The highest total score wins this event.

Golf – Hole in one(4/365) :: Golf Thursdays

We purchased two small golf putting sets for our banqueting. We set up this, so when the guest came out for their tea breaks. They could de-stress just by putting a few golf balls.

Just like the darts, two members of each team took turns to hit three balls. The team with the highest hole in one, wins this event.

Archery -blowpipe

As mentioned earlier, one of the games in which my boss purchased was a blowpipe.  And so we set up balloons with little lights in them. The pub was dim and the balloons looked nice in the dark. We made our own darts by using the filters of cigarettes and a wooden skewer. Each team had six darts to use. The team with the highest burst balloons were the winner of this event.


Football- Ball Juggling

We bought a fusball  ball. Two players from each team  required to juggle  the ball with only their feet. The team that had the highest number wins this event. For this game you have to have a large space or else you will have a lot of broken glasses.

 Speed stack

My boss saw this game in a mall in the city.  Thus he purchased two. Just like all the other events, two players from each team took turn stacking the plastic cups. The team with the fastest time were the winner.

Closing Ceremony

For the closing we made 1st, 2nd and 3rd place podium. The first place winners received a gold medal, a pub souvenir, 2 jugs of beer to celebrate. We  also took the winners group photo and frame it our wall with their names.  For them to return to see it.




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