Restaurant Menus gets Creative – Here are some of my Favourites

I enjoy creating as well as searching for menu ideas for my restaurants. When l was working at this little resort in the East coast of Malaysia some years back. Our all day dining restaurant was made to look like a Malaysian Coffee shop. Even its name was “Kedai Kopi” which means coffee shop Malay.

As daily newspapers was a common feature in most Malaysian coffee shops. I created a menu that looked like a newspaper. I discovered that I could photocopy on newsprint paper. So I searched the web for free newspaper or newsletter templates and created my menus. Added some entertaining ad boxes between just like a normal newspaper. Printed on white paper. Next I photocopied on the newsprint paper. I even added some information about Malaysia as well as the surrounding into it. For our guest to read whilst waiting for their food. I then created a newspaper rack for us to store the menus. Since the menus were printed in house we could alter the menus. We could even our monthly specials together with the menu. Below is the sample of the front page of my menu.

Newspaper menu

Additionally below are some of my favourites. I will add more when I find some more unique and creative menus

Maison de Alice – House of Tea Menu

I like this one cause it doubles up as a centre piece

Source :- 45+ Inspiring Examples of Restaurant Menu Designs

Flour Pot Bakery

A menus that serves three important purpose. A menu, takeaway bags and also future advertising. People will surely notice the items and prices on the paper bags.

Source:- Menú y diseño: 40 de las mejores cartas de restaurante del mundo


13 Wives

Once I created a flyer like a Christmas Fairy Tale. This is a similar idea. A bar in Singapore created their menu to look like a diary. Very unique and creative Also in line with the outlet name “13 Wives”

Source :- Best of 2012


Food Menu “Chalkboard” Tri-Fold

I like this menu design because it looks so rustic. This kind of menu is great for casual dining restuarant. You can also decorate your restaurant with some black boards with your daily specials written on it. To know more about this design, just click on the link below.

Source :- Food Menu “Chalkboard” Tri-Fold



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5 Ways to Expand Your Menu


A restaurant’s menu is often seen as the core of a restaurant, as it is connected to all other aspects within the restaurant. Moreover, a restaurant’s menu is one of the most effective marketing tools a restaurant has, for the dishes offered have the ability to bring in customers.

Additionally, a restaurant’s menu influences many other aspects of the business. The items on the menu determine the restaurant’s prices, the equipment a restaurant needs, who to hire, and what food suppliers a restaurant will need.

However, just as an innovative menu can bring in droves of customers, a boring menu has the ability to drive customers away. One of the best ways to transform a restaurant is to update and expand the menu. Here are five ways to get started:

When it comes to updating and expanding your restaurant’s menu, it is important to get customer feedback. A customer’s opinion is crucial to this process, for they will alert to what dishes standout—both good and bad.

Reach out to customers over social media, through email, and to those dining in your restaurant. Offer them a survey of your menu with questions detailing what items they love, what items they hate, and what items they would add. This feedback can surprise you, but will lead you in the right direction.

Consider adding new categories to your menu, such as specialized desserts. Many restaurants offer a basic dessert menu, as they often believe their main dishes are their “cash cow,”so to speak. However, offering a specialized dessert menu can actually bring in more money, for more people are likely to purchase a dessert that is exciting or fun.

Interested to know more read on here:- 5 Ways to Expand Your Menu


Interactive Tablet Menus for your Restaurant



Advantages and Disadvantages of Interactive Tablet Menus for your Restaurant

License by Creative Commons

Recently I was ask to do a proposal on the usage of tablets as interactive menus. The management was pondering on this idea. The use of tablets is nothing new. Coupled with tablets sold at an affordable price. Some restaurants are trying out this type of alternative menu options. Below are several advantages as well as disadvantages on usage of tablet. That you should take into account. With the increase in restaurant using tablets, app developers are also getting into picture. There are many apps on Google Playstore some are free and some you have to buy.



1. With the tablet you can add in beautiful pictures of your food and more information. You could create a link to each item that you want to add more information. The customer need to click on the link to get more info and a pop up with info will appear. Whereas with the traditional paper menu, there are limited space to add more information. Thus your waiter have to explain to the customer the dishes. Which will take a lot of your waiters time.

2. You can even create a link to a video on how each dish is prepared.

3. With a tablet you can add monthly  specials as and when you want to. Whereas with a paper menu, you have to print on a separate sheet of paper and present it alongside the menu.

4.. The information can be updated in realtime. With the ever changing prices and stock availablilty. The ability to change the menus when there is a discountinued product at real time is a plus. With traditional paper menus, you  either have to change the whole menu which is costly. Or ugly stickers over the item.

5. With a tablet menu you can even do a daily special. It can be special items that the chef have just obtained from the local market. The old way is to use a large blackboard and place it at the entrance. But your customer may miss it on the way in plus the blackboard doesn’t  say a lot about the dish. And your waiter needs to paint a beautiful  as well as mouthwatering image in the guest mind with only his words. This takes time. But with a delicious looking pictures coupled with a detailed explanation. Customers will order that particular dish.  Then when the specials ends, you just need to remove it from your tablets. Its that easy.



1. Tablets can easily get broken when accidently dropped by a customer or staff.

2. The initial investment of buying the tablets are large for some.

3.Tablets can get stolen.

4. Some of your customers might not favour a tablet. Reason being they might feel that the whole day is spend infront of a screen, even for dinner they are in front of a screen.


Tablets will be nice addition to your restaurant. But you still need to weight the Advantages and Disavantages. Do you need it? Will it help increase revenue? Will it speed up the ordering process? Will he customers be so engrossed with the tablet menu, that it delays the ordering process? How will my customers accept it?

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50+ Great Restaurant Food Menu Print Templates

So you have started your own restaurant in the town and looking for good food menu print templates.Then your search ends here!!.Today we are going to show you some Best Restaurant Food menu print templates in this post.Whenever you go to any restaurant what you see after their interior and environment they have created?? A Menu, It is a thing which give info about how your brand is and often how quality is of a major concern of your restaurant.For instance, an elegant restaurant use the same design and color on their menu as same as their restaurant design.

A perfect menu card should use some image, some vibrant colors but not too much colors and images.However, a menu card shouldn’t be too much full of image or too much empty at the same time.A perfect menu must be clear to user,the layout and content are perfect and font must be readable.Moreover,you can choose a little image of your final dish to be place in your menu card with some description will also helpful for your customer.You can also give brief description of ingredient which you used while making your dish.

Restaurant food menu templates helps you to show off your dishes with a new style. Restaurant menu templates gives you a way to show various price of your dishes with lots of special offers to your customers.And now,we are going to show you the list of awesome restaurant food menu print templates with their features


1).Stylish Food Flyers


  • Print dimensions : 8.25×11.7” with Bleed + Trim Mark
  • Well Layered Organised (.psd),
  • Print ready 300DPI, CMYK,
  • 2 Color Variations & Fully Editable


2).Mexican Menu Template


  • It is suitable for any ethnic cafe business and related to restaurant business
  • Menu has lots of tables and cells for easy update.backgrounds are fully layered using Photoshop.
  • This PSD file is setup at 2516×3543px (8.3”x11.7”), with 3mm bleeds.
  • Print ready : PSD layered,CMYK,300dpi




3).Delicious Moment Fast Food Flyer Template


  • Print dimensions : 8.25×11.7 inch with Bleed 0.25
  • Print ready with 300 DPI,CMYK
  • 2 color options and 2 map versions
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Fully layered PSD files


4).Restaurant Magazine Flyer Template


  • Available in 4 size (A4,A5,A6 and 8.5×11 inch)
  • It is suitable for any dining restaurant
  • Print ready with 300 DPI and CMYK
  • Easy to customize and use\
  • Fully layered psd


5).Steak House Menu Flyer


  • Print dimensions : 8.5×11 inch with bleed
  • Print ready with 300 DPI and CMYK
  • Just replace placeholders with your own images
  • You can easily change prices and descriptions
  • Easy to use and customize


Click here for the rest of the 50+ Great Restaurant Food Menu Print Templates



21 Attention-Grabbing Restaurant Menu Designs | Bashooka | Cool Graphic & Web Design Blog

A good restaurant menu design is one of the keys to success in the field of horeca. The menu of a restaurant should expresses the eaterys personality, should focus on the restaurant’s overall operations and should promote & keep the brand values fresh in your customers mind. So here’s a collection of Restaurant Menu Designs that try to draw attention to items they want to sell most—those, of course, that are most profitable.






















Article Source :-

21 Attention-Grabbing Restaurant Menu Designs | Bashooka | Cool Graphic & Web Design Blog


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