F&B Article :- Restaurants have 6 menu tricks to get you to spend more money

Newspaper menuI have always thought that menu design is all about makng it look nice, readable and fancy.But there more to it. Through the years there’s a lot of research and articles on men designs. I have found out that designing a profitable menu is more about science that beauty. That is why I am goung to share with you this article that I have found on Business Insider on the science of menu designing. Go to the link to know more.


Restaurants have 6 menu tricks to get you to spend more money

Restaurant consultant Aaron D. Allen broke down exactly how restaurants try to influence decision making using menu design in a recent LinkedIn post. Allen reveals that nothing on a well-produced menu is random. Instead, everything from colors to the material on which the menu is printed subconsciously influence our choices.

Here are six of the biggest factors that you probably don’t realize are swaying your decision when you order.

1. Color

Restaurants use green to imply to customers that the food is fresh, orange to stimulate their appetites, and red to encourage action — and buy meals with the highest profit margin. In other words, take a second before ordering a bright red menu item.
Read more at http://www.businessinsider.my/how-restaurant-menus-get-you-to-spend



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