Restaurant Promotion Idea #15:- Halloween Specials

Halloween Theme Party

Halloween like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day is another festival that is currently being commerlized by businesses especially those related to Food and Beverage. Instead of doing it on the Halloween day like most establishments, we held our ipromotion for a week and on the Halloween’s Day we made it really grand. As with most of my promotions in this blog, below is a simple account on how we organised our Halloween Week. Hope if it will be of some help for your establishment.

Halloween Cocktails

First of all we needed to have cocktails. A word of advise when creating cocktails for promotions, avoid using heavy juices, cream or milk. Reason being these heavy juices will make your customers full, therefore they will avoid ordering another one. Also don’t make too strong, as customers will be too drunk to order another. You can search the World Wide Web for cocktail ideas. What I normally do when searching for ideas for a promotions is to go to any site even ones that talks about how to organise Hallooween parties at home. Some of the ideas can be used or modified to suit your establishment. A great site that I happen to come across is Just click here to view it’s one interesting cocktail called the Brain Hemmorage.
You don’t even have to purchase expensive garnishes, you can create some with simple things around. Just buy cookie cutter shaped like a ghost or skeleton. Cut thin slices of honeydew melon or other fruit that doesn’t break easily that is white or cream in colour. Use the cookie cutter to cut out shapes. Create dark red cocktails and float a ghostly garnish on top of it. The website have a granish that is created from lychee, black olives and some red food colouring to make eye balls. Its really gross and simple to do. I have recently come across anothet great websitehat features 50 Halloween Cocktails. The website is 50 BOO-zy Halloween Cocktails to Get You Turnt

Halloween Decorations

There is alot of Hallooween decorations for home websites that you can use. Just choose your theme. You don’t have to do the normally ghostly house, just do something different. As our Pub had a Pirate Theme, we chose the Theme from the Flying Dutchman of the Pirates of the Carribean Series. The entrance was shaped like a scene from a ghostly pirate cave. Staff was dressed in Ghostly Pirate Costumes. We even played ghostly piped organ music. Just think what’s your theme is and search the web. You can even go a step furtherby offering a discount to anyone that comes dressed as the theme. Try this website for some ideas

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Halloween Games
To add more fun to your promotion just add some fun games. Listed below are sites where you can find some interesting pub games to try. If you have an adult pub (what I mean is if your clientele are mainly adults not families), then add some games for couples to make it fun. We had a couple game where we tied a large sausage in the middle and hung it up. Each couple had to start eating at each end. the couple that finished the sausage is the winner. Another was the toilet seat toss. We put a road cone on the dance floor measured the distance and gave three toilet seat for the guest to throw into the cone. the winner is the one with the highest number of toilet seats around the cone.
Or you can also watch sme game show like a gameshow using household items “A Minute to Win It”. You can search the show on YouTube. I found it to be really interesting and simple to organise.

Halloween Flyers
I my last post Free Restaurant Templates, I found a website that has a great Halloween poster. The website is called They have a eent menu templates that you can redesign to suit your promotion. You can also add anyone that comes dressed as in a Halloween Costume will get drinks at a special price.

Theme Parties are fun to do. It also will create a buzz on the social networks when guest post their pictures or write something in their blog on the fun they had in your place. Do drop by often for more Restaurant Promo Ideas.


Restaurant Promotion Idea #48:- Attract your Little Customers

I have always worked in Beach Resort geared to families. I am always on the look out for ways to  draw in families to dine in my} outlets. Marketing to families are a different ballgame. You have to attract the kids first. So our busiest business comes during the school break when families go for holidays together. Marketing to kids is very profitable nowadays but you have to do it properly. As quoted in the National Restaurant Website “Recent Kidzsmart survey asked children what they like most about going out to eat with their parents. Their top answer was spending time with their family (60 percent), followed by fun (48 percent) and the food (43 percent).”. So your promotions should be geared in creating the spending time experience with parents.

Kids Eat Free

A common practice that most restaurants like to do is to give a free meal for the kids. Should you be offering a buffet, then you may offer every paying adult, the kids buffet is free. To make this work you must have some items on the buffet tailored to the kids. Or else you can even set up a special kids menu for the kids. With a lot of nicely coloured food stuff. In the event that you are only doing ala carte. then have a kids menu. For every main course, you will get a free main course for the children from the kids menu. What I did in my Japanese Restaurant was to set up 4 different bento sets. We also create a special kids menu, which will come free with every bento ordered.

The cost for the kids meal can be either taken away as a marketing cost from your earnings. Or perhaps you can do what I did, add it to the adult bento cost.

Have or Improve Your Kids Menu

To draw families with little kids, you need smaller menu designated for the little customers. If you don’t have one, start working on one. In the event that you have already one, revise it. Nowadays parents are looking for healthy options for their kids. Thus try to minimise pre process food like meat, nuggets and so on. I mentioned to reduce not eliminate. Also present the food in a fun and colourful manner to attract the kids. Actually healthy food choices artistically arranged can get the most fussy kid to eat it. Use your imagination, also you can get ideas from the net, my favourite is Pinterest.

A few points to take note. Kids dishes shouldn’t be too big. Should be colourful. And avoid oily ingredients and too much sugar.

Also your menu must be attractive. Your menu can be  a giveaway like as a colouring paper or even made into an airplane. That kids can take back or keep them occupied while their food is prepared. I’ve even created a menu which can be played like a snake and ladder game using two coins. Which kept the children entertained that mom and dad could dine in peace.

Create a Kids Corner

For our upcoming new family resort, I have recommended a little corner in the restaurant designated for the kids. You will notice this in fast food. There put little slides and a little playground. But slides and see saws might not be a good idea for an casual dining place.

What I proposed was a little area with bean bags, some story books, some educational toys and games that will keep the kids occupied. You can also add colouring activities for kids to work with. This will also keep the kids in one area and not disturb the other diners. This place should be obvious so that your customers know it exist and parents can keep a careful eye on their kids while they dine.

Kid Friendly Toilet and a Diaper Changing Station.

This is a great idea by our housekeeper. She added a diaper changing station in our handicap bathroom which was rather large. As a parent, my spouse and I used to dine at shopping malls cause it was so hard to find my kids pampers in restaurant toilets. Therefore adding a diaper changing station to your restaurant toilets can make it easier for customers with small children to enjoy their food. You should also add lower hand washing basins for your little customers.

Engage Young Guests through Interactive Activities.

If you don’t have place for kids corner, you can engage your young customers with some interactive activities. Recently when I stayed in the Legoland Hotel. The coffeehouse table was covered a large paper with pictures that kids can colour. It kept them quiet, we also joined in. After we left the threw away the paper. In previous hotel I even created a colouring book to give away. In Legoland Coffeehouse there is even a corner where the kids can decorate their own cookies. Also on high volume days you could also add a clown or a magician for the kids.

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F&B Article :- 10 fresh restaurant marketing ideas for 2016

Restaurants are slow to jump on the social media marketing band wagon. This is cause some are not tech savvy or don’t have the time. They are too busy with the day to day running of the restaurant. And feel its a waste of time to sit infront of the computer. But marketing strategies have changed. Now people look for a restuarant on the social media. They look a restaurants that they found on their friends Facebook page or even on Twitter. Here is an article on the Fast Casual Website that list 10 Fresh Restaurant Marketing Ideasfor 2016. Which mainly revolves around the social media. Below is an excerpt from the article. If you would like more then click on the link below

10 fresh restaurant marketing ideas for 2016

Become a social media medium — The number of social media outlets customers’ have available rivals the number of Crest toothpaste options found at your local grocery store (last count was 38 at my local store). It’s important not to get lost in the myriad of options but instead, remain focused on nurturing the ones that matter the most. Once you’ve created a Facebook page and Twitter handle for your restaurant, focus on gathering more “Likes” and “Tweets” by driving customers to talk about their visit online. There are also quite a few social media management tools available to help you manage your social media presence, including Sprout Social, Hootsuite and Buffer.

To know more please click :-  10 fresh restaurant marketing ideas for 2016


You can have one of your staff to man your website or social media platforms. But you still need to be hands on. So to monitor whats being posted. So your staff will not post something that will be damaging to your restaurant. Or you can get someone to assist you in creating website like the company below.


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5 ways Starbucks entices you to spend more money

Starbucks stores are meticulously designed to make customers stay longer, buy more, and return for another visit.

From the lighting to the ordering counters, everything in the store has a specific purpose.

In a Bloomberg video, reporter Sam Grobart points out five of the most common design tricks that Starbucks employs.

1. Starbucks often advertises new products on its doors. “  Designers like to call this the handshake between the customer and the store,” Grobart says, referring to a store’s front door. In most cases, Starbucks stores place ads at eye level on the outside glass. In this case, the door handle is also subtly inscribed with advertising.

1. Starbucks often advertises new products on its doors. “Designers like to call this the handshake between the customer and the store,” Grobart says, referring to a store’s front door. In most cases, Starbucks stores place ads at eye level on the outside glass. In this case, the door handle is also subtly inscribed with advertising.

2. Starbucks places its ordering counter toward the middle or back of the store to ensure that customers walk past the store’s seating area. This allows customers to scope out open seats, encouraging them to stay and enjoy their drinks in the store. The longer customers stay, the better the chances are that they will return to the counter and purchase another product.

3. Starbucks uses lighting to guide customers through the store. At the store Grobart visited, the ordering counter is towards the back of the room. Starbucks has placed a brightly-lit set of shelves in the rear of the store to naturally guide customers in that direction. The lighting also functions to bring Starbucks’ merchandise to customers’ attention, encouraging an impulse buy.

Read more at 5 ways Starbucks entices you to spend more money


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10 Steps to Creating an Effective Restaurant Newsletter



Loyal customers love to keep up-to-date with their favorite establishments. Restaurants have the unique opportunity to communicate with their customers via newsletters. They show your customer base that care about your employees and customers to go above and beyond when it comes to communications.

First and foremost – decide whether you should implement a hard copy, email version, or both! You can repurpose content across multiple platforms. Have in-house copies for customers to snag on their way in our out of your restaurants. Ask loyal customers if they would prefer to receive an exclusive e-newsletter with special coupons or perks.

1) Communicate regularly and consistently

  • In order to be perceived as credible, you must communicate regularly and consistently.
  • A monthly or bi-monthly newsletter is appropriate for most operations. You can adjust the quantity based on the amount of content you can generate without adding an extra element of work or stress to the content creator/manager.
  • However, once you decide, do your best to keep true to your pattern of posting. Consumers prefer to know what to expect, so try your best to cater to their expectations.

2) Make it visually pleasing

  • Add photographs of events, customers, servers, chefs, or specials of the month.
  • Consider implementing snapshots of your Facebook or Twitter feeds highlighting customers’ positive feedback or a newcomer’s rave about a particular dish on the menu.
  • Be sure the layout is aesthetically pleasing as well. For branding purposes, utilize the restaurant’s colors and logo.
  • Find the perfect balance between content and photos. Content heavy pieces are less likely to be read than those that have a combination of both photos and writing.

3) Be sure it is easy to digest

  • In addition to the layout being visually pleasing, break up text-heavy sections by utilizing bullet points of subheadings.
  • The content should be readable, using average language and avoiding jargon.
  • If readers are overwhelmed, they will bypass these sections, regardless of how rich or engaging the content may be.

4) Add clickable links

  • Make your newsletter as user friendly as possible by making your links clickable. For example, always have your Facebook or Twitter accounts linked on your e-newsletter.
  • Make sure you always add a link to your menu.
  • If there is not enough space to upload photographs from an event, you can add a hyperlinked keyword that directly links to an ancillary photo site, such as a Flickr account.
  • If you have been featured in a local blog (always a great way for free marketing), link to it.

5) Include social media icons

  • Always include any social media outlets in which you are involved, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and/or Foursquare.
  • Even if it is not an e-newsletter, add small icons that represent these sites along with the URL. They will remind your customers that you have a presence on these various social media platforms.
  • Probe them to interact with you by providing an incentive such as a check-in on Foursquare. For example, checking-in 5 times unlocks 10% off of your meal.

6) Always add a boilerplate

  • Your restaurant has a history, whether it be short and sweet or it dates all the back to your great, great grandparents.
  • Give your establishment a little personality by adding a brief, but interesting background of your bar or restaurant.

7) Include a list of events and specials

  • Dedicate a section of your newsletter – preferably the same location for consistency purposes – that lists upcoming events and the specials of the week or month if you have planned them out in advance.
  • If possible, include photos to entice customers to join you for the next special menu item or event.
  • Spice up your descriptions and vary your content to keep readers engaged.

8) “Spotlight” section where you highlight an associate or customer

  • Consumers love a human element to writing pieces.
  • Make your star employees and customers feel special by adding a “Spotlight” section.
  • You can create a Q & A interview, feature article, biography or simply a “Getting to know____” to create a more humanized feel to your newsletter.

9) Call-to-action – offer an offline incentive

  • As mentioned previously, give your audience a reason to not only read your article, but also go a step beyond.
  • For example, if customers sign up for an e-newsletter, they will receive 5% off their next visit or a free meal on their birthday.
  • Add a hidden code to bring to the restaurant for an exclusive deal only offered to those who read the newsletter.

10) Be creative in gaining new customers – “forward to a friend and receive”

  • Your customers are your brand ambassadors, so maximize your resources. If you have given them a reason to love your restaurant, they will continue to be an advocate for you.
  • Ask them to forward the newsletter to a new friend and they will receive a free appetizer or dessert.

Customers love to be informed and feel as if they are a part of your family; therefore, the main purpose of your newsletter is to engage with your customers in a different way, while still leveraging it as a marketing ploy. Newsletters are a fairly cost-effective and unique way to communicate with employees and customers alike.


Article Source :-10 Steps to Creating an Effective Restaurant Newsletter

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