Let Customers Promote your Restaurant by Sending Postcards -Restaurant Promotion Idea # 9

Promotion Ideas #9. Using Postcards

Let your customers promote your restaurant by sending postcards. At the entrance of your restaurant, place beautiful postcards of your signature dishes or restaurant. So customers can send out to their friends.
When I stay in hotels, I’ve noticed that most of the hotels give out a postcard or two in their rooms for their guest to mail to their friends. They normally put pictures of their buildings or their interiors on it. I feel that this is also a great promotional tool for a restaurant too.

Promoting your Speciality with Postcards

You can create Postcards with photos of your restaurant’s signature dishes on the front and put it at the entrance of your restaurant where your customers can take it. They might mail it out to their friends and family or keep it as a souvenir. When they mail it out, they will be promoting your restaurant for you. Just imagine the number of people that will see your dishes cause the picture is not hidden in an envelope. A postcard passes through a few hands before it reaches its destination. And also the customer pays for the postage. Take mouthwatering shots like the pink area in the lamb or beef when you cut it. If you can afford it, get help from a professional food photographer to take out beautiful shots. Food shots is better than pictures of your restaurant interiors as I feel most people are use too seeing buildings and architecture on the postcard. So it will be just another postcard with a picture of a building. If your restaurant is part of the hotel, why don’t put photos of your signature dishes on the front and give to your guests instead of the normal practice of putting photos of your building or interiors.

Postcards as Greeting Cards

For festivals or birthdays, instead of using the normal greeting cards do something different. Do a postcard maybe with all your restaurant staff in their festive garb. You can send to your regulars a Beautiful Postcard wishing them a Merry Christmas instead of a greeting card that’s in an envelope. No matter how beautiful your greeting card is, only the one receiving can view it. But a postcard can be viewed immediately as there is no envelope to open first. You can even create a thank you postcard to send to your customer. These simple gestures will make your restaurant customers feel that they are appreciated. For more ways of making your customer feel appreciated, please go to my previous post Promoting your Restaurant through Great Customer Service
Instead of sending coupons in envelope, put in on a postcard. Most people throw away letters from unknown senders without even opening it. Whereas a postcard gets noticed before its discarded.
The back of the postcard is equally important as the picture in front. Don’t forget to put your restaurant name, address, contact details and maybe a little map. Vary your pictures, don’t always use the same ones. Don’t always do the same design, you might not know that maybe the postcards from your restaurant might be a collectors item like baseball cards.