Small Business Idea :- Setting Your Fresh Juice Bar

The owner of a little hotel in my area, approach me. He had this little lounge that the business was sluggish. The reason was that there was a number of competition around. This individual wanted to convert this lounge into a cafe something like Starbucks. I actually suggested a Juice Bar as another option. Purpose being a cafe like Starbucks you require experience baristas, where else a juice bar, anybody can blend juices after a little training. He loved the idea, renovations to the bar is ongoing now.
Recently there is a trend in living a healthy life style. With many people exercising and eating healthy food choices and beverages, especially juices and smoothies. People have found that the benefits associated with fresh juices are numerous. To put it briefly juicing creates liquid food, which the body can absorb easily. Juicing allows the vitamins and other nutrients in fresh fruits and veggies to be easily consumed. Folks are looking for alternatives to healthy food but without the hassle of cooking it and the limited available amount of time in the ever challenging world. Juices and smoothies are definitely the chosen alternative for a natural, healthy, fast and affordable meal option


There are numerous options of setting a juice bar. You can start small such as a little kiosk at a shopping mall, a food court or a tiny shoplot. You may also set up in a food truck which is a great option. ince you can try different locations to see which is the best before settling down. Look for the place where there are young people like Colleges or University, near a gym or spa or even by beach.


The appearance of your juice bar is essential. You need to be warm and welcoming so people feel at home. Therefore stay longer. Only be careful not to overdo it. I have seen cafes overdo their decoration it looks so clustered. Go around your area and see how others design their area. Sit and dine there, to give yourself a customer’s prospective. You can even source from ideas from the net with sites like Pinterest.
Showcase some of your products where your customers can easily see them.  It will show your customers the freshness of your products and act as a delicious and colourful decoration.


Prepare your juice menus. The menu must include organic and natural, healthy, fast and affordable drinks. If you can add locally produced fruits and veggies will be great. Don’t be afraid to test with different fruit and veggie combinations to come up with something that no-one else has. You could make your very own signature drink to keep people coming back. Check the competition to see what their menu looks like. If certain fruit drinks are popular, you want to have an alternative to that option. o you don’t lose customers. Surf the web for recipes, there are alot online so you don’t have to crack your head. I actually get my recipes from the net. An example is from the site below.

For food items, sell some salads and desserts. In the hotel cafe, I proposed to have some salads in the jar and also fruits. If you search on Pinterest, you will find alot of interesting desserts served in mason jars. We also set up a panini machine. Here we sold different types of Panini Sandwich. Click here to read my article on How to Open  a Panini Cafe


Don’t price too high. Look around and see what your competitors are selling. Also if you are putting your juices and desserts in take away containers. Make sure you factor it into the food cost.


There are alot of ways you can market your juice bar. One way is to offer sample. You can put little take away cups with samples of your signature and hand out at the entrance. This great if your cafe have a good foot traffic. Another way is to bring the samples to the nearest gym or spa and let the customers there try. But get permission from the owners first.Create little passports that the holder gets a free beverage after they have purchased à certain amount. To know more of using the passport concept, visit my post at Restaurant Promotion Idea #45:-Repeat Buusiness with Unique Loyalty Program

Promote your juice bar on social media. Don’t only promote your products . Add articles related to health and the benefita of juices. Join groups that matches the healthy life style. Make sure your website is beautiful and up to date. If you have the funds, use a professional website company like Restaurant Engine below

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