Restaurant Promotion Ideas for January

Licensed to Creative Commons

Licensed to Creative Commons

January is a very slow month in terms of revenue for the hospitality industry. Most business will slow down spending in January as schools reopen and parents will concentrate on their school going kids. People will also reduce spending after the holidays. Some places might give their staff a few days leave to rejuvenate after the busy holiday season. So January is not the best time for the restaurant industry. But you have still have overheads to pay, you still need to get people into your restaurant to cover your fixed cost. Below are some restaurant promotion ideas that you could try to fill up this slow month.


  1. Hospitality Industry Specials.

    January is also the National Thank You month and the Be Kind to your Servers month. You can capitalize on this. Give out discounts and special offers to people in the hospitality industry. As mentioned above some companies will be giving their staffs a break. So of course these staffs will look for a place to unwind. Work with your local inns or tour companies to create a special package just for the people in the hospitality industry. My former General Manager of the hotel where I used to work did just this. He created a package just for the people in the industry for the month of January, that’s how he managed to fill up the hotel rooms when the other hotels were empty.

  1. Hold Events

    If you have a large parking space, why don’t hold some events like vintage vehicles or a flea market where the local community can showcase their pride and joy or products. Large shopping centers in Malaysia are doing just that. They loan out their space to the locals to sell their wares once or twice a week. People also drop in to these supermarkets to do their shopping too after they go through the local market. Even if you don’t have a large car park, you can showcase some local artist. Put up on the wall their paintings with a price tags. Cause these artist might have their followers or even their Facebook page, which is free advertisement for your restaurant and also help to decorate your outlet. That’s what we call “killing 2 birds with one stone.”

  1. Appreciation Dinner.

    Choose a day and invite alĺ your regulars for dinner to thank them for their support. This is also a great avenue to showcase some of your new dishes for the new ala carte for 2015. You can even create a recipe book to give out to the ladies. In my Restaurant Promotion Idea #18 – Publish and Give out Recipe Books , I mentioned about the benifits of having your very own recipe. To visit the article. please Click Here 

  1. Hold Little Tournaments.

    ‘If you running a bar or pub, do little tournaments to bring in the crowd. Visit my post in Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 5:- Do LittleTournaments, on the steps I took to organise a Dart Competition. You can also do Cooking competition, where the winning dish will be featured in the new ala carte. To know more, please click here Restauran Promo Ideas #25- Hometown Celebrity Chef.

January might be a slow month for some. But if you carefully observe there might be an opportunity to capitalize on it. I leave you with a quote from this famous person.

 Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Thomas A. Edison


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One promotional activity that some restaurants as well as hotels prefer to carry out is to have Guest Chefs. Should they possess the budget, they will get a Celebrity Chef to prepare some dishes. Most of time hiring a Celebrity might not bring you the profit you desire after taking out the chef’s expenses as well as their perks. However its a good advertising and marketing hook in order to let people know that you are around. Nevertheless, you also need to ensure that your kitchen prepares food as good as that which was made by the Celebrity Chef or else you will only end up being busy when the he is around. Another alternative would be to create certain theme and obtain Chefs from that region to prepare. When I was attached to a beautiful resort in a little village on the East Coast of Malaysia known as Cherating. Each year for a month in September we used to bring Chefs from our sister property in Thailand to do a month long Thai Promotion. We did some fruit carving as well as Thai food cooking classes for our guests. We even hired a Tuk tuk to shuttle guests from town to our resort. It was really fun. Read more here Click Here




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