Inexpensive, Tasteful and Easy Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

Where to find easy DIY Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas for your restaurant or bar


As mentioned in my previous post,Inexpensive, Tasteful and Easy Halloween Decoration for your Restaurant in search of decorating ideas for my restaurant, I use a great platform which is the Pinterest. Here are some easy and inexpensive decorating ideas to decorated your restaurant this Valentine. They are mostly decorations for home Valentine Dining experiences but with a little imagination you could use it in your establishment. Valentine’s Day don’t have to be all Pink and Red, you could also add other colours and still make it romantic. Read on here.


PB Votive 3

Hanging Candle stands using Mason Jars

This little candle stands is made from old mason jars. Its a very good idea cause you can hang it on anything that have a hook. You can hang it on poles along your walkway, your fence and even on the walls. The list is endless. On a safe note, make sure you hang the jars away from any items that can easily burn.

The website to go is Hanging Mason Jars on PB




 Hanging Flower Vase using Mason Jars

This idea is similar to the one above but instead of candles you put rose a into it. You could hang it along your wall, along your walkway, your corridor and so on. There’s no tutorial here but from the picture you can have an idea how its done.

The website to go is




 Flower pots of Hearts

This is another simple but elegant ideas that you could place round your restaurants to create little romantic corners for those loving couples. You could buy those heart shaped candy boxes, paint it red and white, get a few red flower pots and some flowers.

The website where I found this idea was Garden Whimsy from Friendship’s Garden

 Hearts released from the can

I have a large glass window in my restaurant, therefore I am thinking of doing this. I found this idea in a Spanish website. Not sure what they said in it, but the picture will explain everything. Its also a great photobooth, so don’t forget to put in your restaurant logo as well name so people will remember you whenever they look at the picture of the romantic dinner they had at your place. The website to view this picture is San Valentín de Que tono de verde

  A Wall of Paper Hearts

This is another variation of the Hearts released from the can deco. There is also a tutorial on how to make the hearts stand out. Just go to this site , Make a wall of paper hearts





Crayon Hearts

If you have a window with light coming through or you need a partition. This is a simple deco. You just need to build some frames. The hearts are made from waxed paper, crayons, an iron and craft paper. The tutorial for this project comes from the Martha Steward’s website.  Crayon Hearts




 White Colour Wine Bottle with Hanging Hearts

This can be a centre piece for your tables. Collect some wine bottles, spray them white, get some nice string, cut out some hearts and hanging it around the table. To add to this centre piece you could put your Valentine’s Day Special Cocktails on each heart and the centre piece becomes your promotion standy. You could even place candles on it and it will become a Valentine’s Candle Stand. I love to see the patterns that flowing candle wax does to bottles. Its really beautiful.

The website to go is I LOVE St. Valentine’s Day!




Garden Light Balls

This is actual from a site that is dedicated to Christmas Deco but I felt if you are going to have an outside Valentine Dining Experience why don’t put some of these lighted balls around the area. I would surely look romantic and unique. The website has a great picture tutorial, to know more click here How to Make Christmas Light Balls




 Wine Glass Lamp Shades

When I saw this picture on the net, I had one of those “Awwwh why didn’t I think of that” moment. All you need is a wine glass or any glass with a stem, tea candle, some paper (make sure its transparent, so light can shine through).

This website gives you a step by step guide on how this is done  Wine Glass Lamp Shades



 Simple Wine Glass Candle Stand

If you don’t have much time to prepare nice candle stands. you could do something like this. You just need a wine glass, a rose and a ribbon. And wahlaah you have a Valentine’s Day Candle Stand.

The website where I found this ideas was Valentine’s Day Centerpieces





 Rustic Decorated Candles

This is a very nice and simple way to make your candles look beautiful. Just wrap your candles with some rope and add some heart shaped decoration..

The website which I found this idea was GUEST POST: VALENTINE’S DECOR





Table Decorations and Centerpiece

This website have a number of different beautiful centerpiece. I chose this one cause black and white always appealed to me. Coupled with some red and white decorative items and you will have a romantic and elegant table setting.
The website to go is Valentine’s Day Tablescape

Restaurant Promotion Ideas #30 – Valentine’s Day Picnic Baskets

This year other than the usual Candle Light Dinner in the Coffeehouse, I will also be selling Romantic Picnic Baskets. One reason as mentioned in my previous post is that the hotel that I am attached to has a pool in every room. Therefore the idea of having a romantic picnic “Just the Two of You” by your very own pool will surely catch people’s attention. Thus giving us another avenue to increase our revenue.