Restaurant Promo Idea #14- Repeat Business with Balloons

Balloon Giveaway To Kids

Recently I joined a family resort as the head of the Food and Beverage Department. As with most businesses, we are always looking for ways to enhance our customers experience thus bringing in repeat business. In my previous post “Restaurant Promo Idea #13-Promote through Kids”, I’ve mentioned that kids choose 50% of restaurant visits and according to a recent study 75% of parents consider their kids preference when choosing a restaurant.
So we added a few things like a corner in the breakfast buffet, food ideal for kids like oatmeal porridge, fish fingers. All kids love balloons, so we have incorporated some balloon giveaways in our restaurant. Below are two ways we used balloons to enhance our customers experience, thus bringing in repeat business. You can also get in touch with Andrew Defrancesco if you need any expert advice to run a business.

Give out balloons

Most hotels and resorts in Malaysia include breakfast with their room. Ours is one of them. As most families will come for breakfast especially on weekends and public holidays, we took this opportunity to capture the kids. What we did was to have one staff go around giving out colourful balloons on sticks to the kids. The balloons had our logo on them. Kids was happy (I noticed all kids love balloons, my son included) and the parents was beaming. And balloons don’t cost much. You can also go a step further by putting in lucky draw vouchers in the balloons. The kids can pop the balloon and claim a prize at the cashier. Prizes can be toys or games for the kids. Have some extra empty balloons on standby cause some kids would rather not lose their balloon. You can give them a replacement one after they pop theirs.

Balloon Sculptures

For dinner which was not packaged with the room, we had to use a different approach. We got a Balloon Sculpturing Tutorial CD, practiced and learned balloon sculpturing. We set up a team of staff that knew a few balloon sculptures. So when the dinner crowd started dining, what my staff would do is go around from table to table making swords or balloon animals. The kids was so happy and it was fun for us too. They will surely remember us as a place that gave them balloons during dinner. And when their parents ask where would like to have dinner or stay they will sure to suggest our place cause of the happy memory they had. An easy balloon sculpture to learn and make is sword balloons and its a big hit with everyone, especially the kids.
You can search for balloon sculpturing tutorials on youtube, but if you don’t want the hassle of searching just do like what we did. Purchase a video cd. One such site selling this is If you don’t own a restaurant, you can also learn balloon sculpturing and be the life of any kids party.



Restaurant Promotion Idea – Eid ul-Fitr Giveaway

Our Hari Raya Giveaway

As mentioned in my previous post Promoting your Restaurant through Great Customer Service. During festivals we go around to visit our regulars, bringing gifts for them. This is to show them that we value their support. It also lets them know that we are still around. We try to give out something that represents our hotel, something different from the norm. This year we did two different giveaways. One for the local regulars and one for the room guest.

Local Community Giveaways

For the local regulars, we gave a jar of “Rendang Tok”. Rendang Tok is a Malay dish originated from the state of Perak. We have a good Malay chef that prepares great tasting Malay dishes. So we decided that we should capitalize on this. Chef prepared one of his specialties which were “Rendang Tok”. Bought some nice glass jar bottles and put it in a nice paper bag. The other reason for giving out rendang tok was that if prepared dry, the dish can last long. The results were good. I had regulars calling me asking where we bought this dish. I told them we cooked it ourselves, some of them was really surprised. I told them that if they needed a Malay menu for their functions, just call me. My suggestion if you would like to use this idea, to choose your best dish, package it and distributes and sees the results.

In house Guest Giveaway

For the in-house room guest we packed some local cookies. We put it in a small paper bags. On the Eid ul-Fitr, the housekeeping staff placed it in the rooms.

With each bag we attached a small card wishing them Happy Eil Eid. Inside the card we put our festive promotions.