Fast food chains consider kids as a major target group as they can easily push their parents to take them to their favorite fast food joint. However, kids are biased in their selection for a fast food restaurant. The marketing experts working for fast food chains are well aware of the fact that kids would love some free toys. In exchange for free toys, fast food chains are getting regular flow of loyal visitors to their restaurants.

McDonald’s, the biggest fast food chain in the world, has been criticized in the past as well for luring kids with free toys. The company was also under fire for offering high calorie items in Kids Menu. McDonald’s made a few changes to Kids Menu and shifted to healthier choices after the company was pressed by health experts. McDonald’s has been giving away free toys with Happy Meals for the last twenty years.

Offering free toys to children works as a good marketing strategy and a new research has just proved it once again. The number of visits a family makes to a fast food restaurant is directly proportional to the number of the times a kid watches and advertisement with ‘free toy’ lure.

The study has tried to establish the impact of advertising on children’s TV channels and the tendency among children to push parents to visit a fast-food restaurant.

The research team found a direct correlation between children watching TV advertisements and number of family visits to a fast-food restaurant. Among families with kids watching cartoons and other kids channels, the tendency to visit a fast food restaurant was higher. Two major fast-food chains operating in the United States target kids with free toys and special menu for kids.

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The design of dinner: How Philly chefs look at food

Surprise on the tongue: Jason Cichonski’s scallop noodles look like pasta, taste like fish.

Dr. Debra Zellner, a professor of psychology at Montclair State University who studies the psychology of food, will be working at Philadelphia’s Monell Chemical Senses Center next year. Her research and experimentation have resulted in some very interesting findings.

Zellner recently conducted a study with the Culinary Institute of America in which guests were served the same meal on consecutive nights, but plated either traditionally or more artistically. The guests, it turns out, actually preferred the flavors of the more artistically presented food over the staid, despite the fact that the recipe was exactly the same for both. In other words, a dish’s appearance has a very real impact on our perception of flavor—and on the amount of pleasure the same flavors can give us.

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