F&B Article :- 5 ways restaurants can keep up with industry changes

Kaizen-2.svgIn any industry, to be ahead of the game and survive you need to be ready for change. The Japanese have a word for this. Its called “Kaizen”. “Kaizen” is the practice of continuous improvement. Everything evolves and change along the way. Cars get better, more comfortable, fuel efficient and faster. People nowadays are not only looking at cars as a form of transportation. Their cars have to be beautiful, equiped with the lastest technology and so on. The restaurant industry is also effected by changes in trends. Look at McDonalds, they were growing so fast. People liked the idea of speedy and casual food. But they were slow to see that people were gradually moving away from quick service restaurant. Consumers wanted something different in terms of food and services. Nowadays people look for restaurants with free wifi. Even our restaurants had to change. People were not coming for our buffets as much as before. So what we did was create a Food Bazaar and it got a better revenue on days when we did our buffet. And we also was able to control the cost and wastages. As everything was made to order, the raw ingredients could be kept for later use. So how do you keep up with change? Here is a great article from the net. Below is an excerpt from the article. If you want to know more, click on the link below.

5 ways restaurants can keep up with industry changes

1. Adapt to new consumer expectations

Diners are increasingly gravitating toward restaurants that offer quality choices in a social atmosphere without the fuss of fine dining. This is the “sweet spot” where fast casual thrives, and is a large contributor to why that segment to continues to gain market share.

To compare, the quick service restaurant segment still has the largest customer base, but its growth has been stagnant in recent years. To remain relevant, QSRs have turned their focus to improving the quality of the entire dine-in experience.

Many establishments are adding fresher, more customizable menu options, and are focusing on creating a more inviting, less hurried dining atmosphere.

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5 ways restaurants can keep up with industry changes

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The Truth Behind Restaurant Marketing

A successful restaurant needs to have a good marketing scheme, but there are plenty of myths out there regarding what works and what doesn’t. When starting out, it can be a challenge to know which tricks to try out and which to avoid, but read on if you really want to know the best ways to market a restaurant that can result in loyal, happy customers who keep coming back for more.


Discount Wisely

Customers love discounts, but restaurant owners need to be able to know when to stop. It often pays to get returning customers with loyalty rewards, but too many discounts can devalue your product. Try to offer just enough of a discount using a promotion or coupon without losing more profit than you should.


Invest in Marketing

Saving money is important in maintaining a successful business, but doing so at the expense of marketing can be a big mistake. Restaurant promotion ideas are worth putting time, energy and investment into, as it can result in a boost in business and can allow you to reach new customers.


Websites Are Important

Many customers check out a restaurant before they enter the doors by first looking online. Recent research found that over 80 percent of customers used a mobile device to search for a restaurant. A good website can make a huge difference on consumers’ opinions of an establishment. Using well-designed sites that are also mobile-friendly ensures that owners are in touch with today’s customer base. Most people want instant information, and that can be provided with the use of a website or app.


Utilize Social Media

Some restaurant owners feel that they don’t have the time or energy to spend on social media for their business, but they are missing out on a valuable resource by ignoring this huge trend. There are many connections between customers that can be made on a wide range of social media platforms, so managers should make time to engage with consumers by utilizing social media as often as possible.


Print Isn’t Dead

While many restaurants are turning their marketing focus towards technology, there is still great value in print marketing. The National Restaurant Association surveyed consumers and discovered that print ads were just as effective as technological marketing options. Whether it is a newspaper ad or a flyer in the mail, some customers just prefer to see and touch marketing products before visiting a restaurant.


Good Food Is Just Part of the Package

A restaurant certainly needs to have good food on the menu in order for customers to be happy with their dining experience, but there is a lot more to it than that. Along with a delicious menu comes the right marketing tools and techniques that can get diners through the door in the first place. Attracting new customers is essential, and word of mouth is not always enough to get people to stop in.

There is a huge level of competition in the restaurant world today, and owners need to be willing to do what it takes to market their business. Ignoring the changes in how things work can leave some restaurants in the dust, scrambling to catch up with those who have successfully implemented both new and tried-and-true techniques.