F&B Article :- Eight Tips and Tricks for Controlling Holiday Ingredient Costs

Most restaurant try to outdo others by coming out with fancy menus for the holidays. But there is alot of factors that you need to consider. What if the item doesn’t sell, can your staff cope, is your kitchen adequate and so on.
Here’s an article in the RestaurantNews.com that gives you tips on how to control Holiday Ingredients cost. Below are some content from the article, if you would like to know just click on the link below.

Eight Tips and Tricks for Controlling Holiday Ingredient Costs

Additionally, operators should think about having a holiday-themed LTO provided the menu items fall in line with the restaurants’ core offering rather than a trend.

“There is no reason why operators should step away from their core menu items based on a trend within the industry at the moment,” said Tim Campbell, a supply chain specialist with Consolidated Concepts. “The holidays are stressful enough so adding steps for new menu items or not training staff on the operational side builds additional pressure for the staff and the entire experience.Understand what your brand is and its core values and stay within those strengths.”

To better the experience, operators should consider what each location can handle during the holiday season.

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F&B Article – Why fast- casual restaurants are surging



The trends within the restaurant industry is changing like fashion. First there was fine dining with table side food preparation. That was a popular back then. The cream of society wanted to be seen in the best restaurants. Subsequently it was fast food such as McDonalds and Burger King. The upcoming trend in the restaurant business is no more fast food. People have more time to enjoy meal but they still need their food quick. They desire something different not just burgers or| hot dogs. These people are looking for customized meals but with the speed of the fast food chains. Here is an article why the fast and casual restaurants are surging. Below is an excerpt from the article. If you would like to know more please click on the link below

Why fast-casual restaurants are surging

Grabbing a quick meal doesn’t just mean fast food anymore. Now there are “fast-casual” options like Chipotle or Panera, restaurants that borrow ideas from both fast food and upscale sit-down restaurants.

The restaurants borrow ideas from both fast food and upscale sit-down restaurants, catering to customers who want food fast, inexpensive and customized. Their success – having grown more quickly than either fast food chains or full service restaurants in recent years – is part demographics and part economics.


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