Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 27 – Year End Holiday Gift for your Customers

Fun and inexpensive holiday gift for your customers

With the closing of the year, a lot of business will be looking for appreciation gifts for their customers and regulars. Searching the web, you will find a number of organizations offering to create some sort of year end gifts with your logo on it. For small business owners who are scrambling to meet year-end commitments and running the day to day operations, finding just the right gift for your customers can be overwhelming. But you can still give out memorable year end or thank you gifts. One way is to make it your self. Search the web for ideas, there are various ideas that you and your staff can create by yourselves. Below are some of the ideas. I have done two of it myself and the rest I plan to implement it soon.

Corporate Gift – Calligraphy Scroll

A colleague gave me this idea when we were discussing how we can show our local regulars that we value their support. It was for one of our corporate gift that we give to our regulars during festivals. You can read about this in my previous post, Promoting your Restaurant through Great Customer Service. As a majority of our local regulars are Chinese Business Men who are farmers or traders by trade, we had to come out with an idea which they can use and appreciate it. So the normal corporate gift like pens, paperweights or even cardholder were out of the question. These people usually entertain their clients in our restaurant, we needed to come out with a unique corporate gift that will stand out. Search the web for license free images, send to your printers and print a few and distribute. I like to use The Creative Commons Website to search for my images.


Morning Breakfast Gift Basket

If you are running a Cake Shop, why not visit your regulars in the mornings. Brighten up your guests’ morning with a delicious homemade breakfast! Share your favorite coffee blend along with a loaf of banana bread and honey butter or any type of bakery you have. Make it simple yet charming for your guests that they will adore and appreciate it. If you can add a coffee mug with your Bakery’s Logo on it, will be even better.

I found this idea in a Wedding Website, but this idea can also be used for your Bakery Giveaway too. The Website to go is 12 Creative Welcome Bags For Guests.


Hangover Emergency Kit Gift

This is a great and fun gift if you own a bar or a pub. Pack a small bag with a Mini Vodka Bottle, Tomato Juice, Emergen – C, Mini Bottle of Water, Pepto, Gum, Mints, Hand Wipes and fun giveaway for your regulars. The great thing about these kits, is that you can do them in so many ways and with so many different ingredients. You can even add discount vouchers or gift certificates to the bag as a thank you present and entice them to visit more often. You can even do a monthly give away.

The website which this idea came from is Wedding Hangover Kits


Gift in a Jar

As mentioned in my post Restaurant Promotion Idea – Eid ul-Fitr Giveaway, I put our Homemade Rendang Tok into jars and went around distributing to our regulars as a thank you gesture for supporting us. Apart from food items, you can put almost anything in jars.

Gifts in a jar are so much fun to assemble! Gather together a bunch of small things with a similar theme and color. Put them all in a mason jar, add a free printable label and your handmade gift is ready to go! Just visit this website for some ideas on what you can put in a gift jar {Everything} In A Jar – Handmade Gifts


 Mail able slice of cake

This is another great inexpensive home made gifts that you can make for your regulars. You just need to have some sponge, paint cardboards and craft paper.

The website to go to get this tutorial is Make your own mailable slice of cake


Kids Travel Games Kit

I found this idea in an unlikely web page a Disney Theme Park Forum. But you use this idea if your restaurant is a family restaurant. Buy some fishing tackle boxes, add some little games that kids would love to bring on a road trip. Place your restaurant logo and address on the tackle box. Give out to your regular families especially before the holidays when families travel. I am sure the parents will be happy cause you have given them something to keep their kids occupied on their road trip.


The page which I found this was DIS forum