F&B Article :- 5 Tips to Market your Restaurant with Pinterest

Licensed by Creative Commons

Licensed by Creative Commons

My mentors and coaches in the restaurant business have constantly reminded on this advice. “People taste first with their Eyes” and “First impression Counts”. What they mean is that, eventhough your food is tasty. If its not pleasing to the eye, then people will avoid it. That is why we have to pay extra attention to our food and beverages photos. Photos must be enticing. I have found that by putting posters with beautiful food pictures in front of the outlet. I sold alot of that item. So now I have posters of my dishes and when the item moves slow, I put out the poster.
With social media moving at a rapid pace. It has become the cost effective and fastest way to get the message across to the masses. Sharing photos other than text is another marketing tool you can use. And with great mouthwatering pictures, it will surely entice people to drop into your restaurant. A great platform for sharing photos on the web is the Flickr and also my personal favourite Pinterest. Here’s a exceprt on tips to promote your restaurant using Pinterest.If you would like more, please click on the Link below.


5 Tips To Market Your Restaurant With Pinterest

Social media has grown to an extent where it influences every part of our life. If you are running a restaurant, social media is the fastest and cheapest way to reach your target audience in an efficient way. Running social media campaigns helps in bringing notoriety and recognition to the events and the restaurant in general.

Social media platforms have become diverse in that there are many ways to reach your customers. One social media platform that proves valuable to bringing the requisite “views” is Pinterest. It is a platform where pictures rule the world and what better way to showcase your restaurant than to engage your customers in a visually captivating manner.

Here are a few ways you can reach your customers by using a platform like Pinterest.

1. Cocktails Are Easy On The Eyes

Cocktails are the ultimate “picture” drink. It is one of the few items on your drinks menu which you can showcase in a way that it is visually striking. Use images of your signature cocktails and pin them on your board to further entice your customers to visit your restaurant. Cocktails are also where you (or your bartender) can show your creativity. It is easy on the throat and for the sake of your restaurant, your customers’ eyes as well.

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