Do Little Things to Help your Customers Spend More – Restaurant Promotion Idea #22

Some Ways on Getting your Customers to Spend More

Once the diner walks into your restaurant you need to do little things to help your customers spend more. What I mean is simple ways to unknowly get your diner to purchase more item or spend more time in yoor restaurant.

My boss liked to use this quote often. He used to say “A Customer is a Person who has Our MONEY in his Pocket“. Then he goes on to say how we are going to take our money from him. If you think that this quote is dishonesty, then you are in the wrong line of business. You have spend thousands on advertising and promotions, you need to get the returns right. Once a customer steps into your restaurant he has set his mind that he is going to eat here. Most of the time the customer has already decided what to eats. In my restaurants I use certain tactics to get the customer to spend more. The methods are simple task that you and your staff can do in order to increase your sales from the existing customers.

 1. Add a Sparkler to your Wines

sparklerI did this for our New Year’s Eve Buffet in Koh Samui one year. What we did was whenever a table ordered a bottle of wine; we stuck a Sparkler to the wine cork. Lit it up and carried the wine high to the table for everyone to see. After the first wine was sold, almost every table ordered wine. Some even ordered champagne. When the New Year began my wine cellar was almost empty. This method is great for a restaurant that is dimly lit or in a pub. People like to be seen buying something especially when it’s expensive. That’s why people buy Gucci bags, Rolex watches and flaunt it. They want to be seen to be wealthy. They don’t want to lose out to the next table. If that table orders champagne, they will also order champagne. Especially when they want to impress their date, friends or business contacts.

2. Visual Tricks

In my previous post “How to Market your Menu“, I mentioned that I put pictures of individual food items in front of the restaurant. On each poster I put catchy phrases like “What a Hunk of Beef” for beef burger and “Get Curried Away” for curry dishes. Here we noticed that items of display sold more. So we put pictures of desserts with taglines like “Sinful Pleasures“. We sold quiet a number of desserts that way. A word of advice put one or two pictures.


3. Up sell with Close ended Questions

Train your staff to sell using close ended question. Closed ended questions are questions with limited answers. Most of the time it’s a yes or no answer. McDonald’s have perfected this method and they make millions in additional revenue by employing this tactic. When you enter a McDonald restaurant, you have set your mind to buy a Big Mac. When you reach the counter and order a Big Mac, the staff there will normally ask you a yes or no question like “Would like some fries with your order”. When you say yes, they will ask another closed ended question, like “A large one?” Very seldom you will hear them ask you whether you want a large or small coke. If they ask you that you will surely choose a small one. The items that you want to up sell must be reasonably priced, not to expensive. After call he already took a burger, a RM 3 French fried will not sound expensive.

 4. Sell Souvenir Items

SouvenirThis is what famous theme restaurants and pub like Hard Rock Cafe, TGI do. They set a little corner to sell souvenirs related to the restaurant. They sell T shirts, mugs, and caps and so on. All with their logo and a witty phrases. When your customers buy the souvenirs and use it, they will also be a walking advertisement for you. That’s why we sell pirate themed souvenirs for our Pirate Themed Fun Pub. We get additional revenue from it. A word of caution doesn’t price the item too high, after all you have made a profit selling food and beverages. This is an incremental profit.



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