Create a Recipe Book of your Signature Dishes and give it Out – Restaurant Promotion Idea #18

recipe bookCreate a Recipe Book of your Signature Dishes and give it Out is another way to let customers know of your signature dishes.

Famous chefs have been doing this to promote themselves and their creations for quite some time. Those that had the chance to market their recipe books abroad also attracted tourist to venture to their outlet from afar. Most restaurants don’t like giving out their recipes fearing that people will open another food outlet close by using their recipes or their guest will be able to cook the dish at home so they won’t be dining in your outlet. So what if you lose a few customers, but cooking is not about exactly following the recipe, its about passion. That’s why most of the time how much you may follow the recipe to its minor details, the dish won’t taste the same as Chef So and So prepared. So don’t worry. Go ahead give out recipe books of your signature dishes. Create a BUZZ. The recipe books will normally end up on coffee tables or on the magazine shelf. People will suggest you sell your book but if your chef is not as famous as Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver, you will have a large inventory on recipe books collecting dust. Give it out free maybe with every purchase of two main course. On weekends do simple cooking lessons to promote your book. Most people wish they could recreate at home the dish that they had in your restaurant or their favourite dish. They will sure to take back your Restaurant Recipe Book.

Put large pictures of beautiful food pictures between your recipes and your recipe book will end up on the coffee table thus promoting your restaurant to their friends too. Put a picture of the front of your restaurant, so people can easily identify your place when they pass by. Inside at the first and last page make sure you put your details like address, email address, website, opening hours and telephone number. Also add a location map with GPS coordinates to make it trouble free to come to your place. People will avoid a place if its too much trouble to locate no matter how much good reviews they get.

There’s an e-how page on how to get your recipe book published just click here. Get Recipe Book Published



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