Fun Corporate Gifts To Impress Your Clients

Is your business unsure about what to send clients for the holidays, a company anniversary, or another special occasion? The world of corporate gifts can be a dull place at times. You can only give away so many engraved pens and award plaques! If you’re looking to spice up your choices and give your clients a more interesting and eye-catching corporate Gift Baskets for Women or men, then this article provides some options for you. The following are some suggestions and tips for more exciting corporate gifts to send to your clients.

Desk Ornaments

One option for a fun twist on a corporate gift would be a zany or cute desk ornament. These are generally inexpensive and they will provide your clients with a mini-escape from their workday with a built-in activity at their desk. Miniature Zen rock gardens and sandboxes may seem cheesy, but you’ll be surprised how much mindless entertainment you can get out of them!

Other intriguing desk knick-knacks include Galileo thermometers (the glass tubes with colored glass ornaments floating in them), magnetic mini-sculptures that your clients can design themselves, and a desktop water fountain. There are even miniature, desktop versions of popular games that you can give to your clients! These include bowling, basketball, shuffleboard, and more. I’ve also seen USB-powered mini aquariums and tiny remote control helicopters for people to play at their desks.


Everyone loves going out and having a good time. Safe and interesting options for corporate gifts include gift cards or vouchers to restaurants, activities, or local events. This way you are not only giving the gift of a great night out to your clients; you are also providing them with a team-building activity that they can all share in. Check for local, fun, or industry-related events in your client’s area to get inspiration for event gifts. They will definitely appreciate you footing the bill for their night on the town!

Edible Gifts

A standard practice for gift-giving in general is this: if you have no clue what to get someone, get them something they can eat. All you have to do is make sure that the edible gift matches with their diet restrictions and/or preferences. Edible gifts are easy, less expensive, and you know they will get used.

If your clients are local and there aren’t very many of them, you may want to consider making them a homemade edible gift. That is, if you enjoy cooking or baking. If not, a colorful fresh fruit platter is a good substitute. If you still want to give your clients an edible gift and they aren’t local, you have lots of clients, or you just don’t want to do the cooking yourself, you can order them a gift from an edible gift service. You could use a Nitrous Whip and decorate a cake with some high quality whipped cream. There are many mail-order bakery services out there, such as Bake Me a Wish, which will deliver a wide variety of baked goods all over the country to your clients.

With all of these suggestions for unique corporate gifts, you’ll be sure to give your clients something a little different this time around.

Lisa Craft writes about lifestyle, design, and event planning.