Restaurant Promo Ideas #25 :- Hometown Celebrity Chef

Create Your Very Own Hometown Celebrity Chef

In my previous post Restaurant Promo Ideas #24 :- Chef’s NIght Buffet, I wrote about getting a Celebrity Chef to come and promote your restaurant. But if you are not able to engage a Celebrity Chef or Guest Chef, then why don’t you create your very own Hometown Celebrity Chefs. Holding tournaments in your restaurant is a fun approach to create awareness. This is one of the reasons why I carried out a Dart Competition to promote our Sports Bar. Here are the steps that I took to organize the Dart Competition if you missed it. Please Click here, Restaurant Promo Idea #5. Do Little Tournaments

Coming back to creating your very own Hometown Celebrity Chefs, organize a cooking competition for the locals in your area. Don’t go for the norm of submitting recipes like some competitions require. Do something different as well as enjoyable. Do something from the Reality Shows example the Masterchef, Chopped, Top Chef| or maybe Iron Chef.
Not long ago I created a Team building Competition (with the help of the World Wide Web of course) in our restaurant for a Corporate Company. The bosses wanted something different like a cooking challenge instead of the usual team building activities, so I created a competition that is a blend between the Iron Chef and Master Chef. The staffs of the company enjoyed themselves and the boss’s objective was fulfilled as the trainer highlighted key points on team work out of this exercise.
With regard to your very own competition, you can organize a mini cooking competition in your restaurant similar to the one on the reality TV. You can request the participants to bring their own ingredients or you can provide them with the ingredients. If you are providing the ingredients, then you need to place the list of ingredients within the entry form so as the participants is aware what they have to use as well as what they need to| bring. The Champion will receive a trophy and some prize money. To make it much more interesting you can put the winning dishes in your menu for a season and give the winners a certain percentage of the sale of the items as an incentive for a great dish. Make sure you work with your attorneys on this so as not to get in trouble once the dish starts selling.

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