Restaurant Promotion for October – Fun & Scary Halloween

October is the month to hold fun as well as scary promotional activities in your establishment. Its Halloween month. Host a Halloween bash in your bar or restaurant.  If you are managing a restaurant come out with seasonal specialties such as Pumpkin Soup, Apple Cider Stew and so forth. Redesign the items by adding some gore into it. Send out free invitations to your regulars.  Come out with humorous eye catching flyers. This year I am developing a doorknob flyer shaped like a white ghost and I will hang it on our room guest doors in the afternoons. This will certainly catch their attention when they return to their rooms in the evenings. As for the bar or pub create some gory cocktails and have fun games. To know more about how to organize a Halloween Party in your bar, please click here. Restaurant Promo Ideas #15 -Halloween Special

Oktoberfest is a two week celebration held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.  This year Oktoberfest ends on the 5th of October. Traditionally Oktoberfest is a typical beer festival, so work with your beer vendor to have special beers to promote and have a beer tasting promotion where your customers can sample different beers.  From here on you can select the popular brands and put it in your inventory. Add some German Oktoberfest specialties such as sausages, meatloaf, Sauerkraut, pretzels and much more. If you have a patio or an open space, pitch a tent and have an open air Oktoberfest.


October is also designated as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This particular cause even has its own designated colour which is pink. Create a campaign where a percentage of the proceeds will go to a Breast Cancer Charity Organization. Have your employees even your kitchen staff wear pink colour uniforms to show your support.  Hand out pink ribbons to every paying customer. Add some pink coloured items to your menu.