A Summary of my Restaurant Promotion Ideas post of 2015

As 2015 comes to an end in a few days. Most will reflect on the past year’s events. 2015 has not been good for the food and beverage industry. With the volatile economic situation, those in the industry received the backlash. We saw chains like McDonalds changing their strategy to keep them from them from going under. We saw Chipotle faced with a E.Coli epidemic. So much so they had to change their food preparation methods as well as close several stores.

In Malaysia, we were also hit with the decline in our ringgit. People were more calculative on what and where they went to eat. People were not too keen on the all you can eat buffets. We had to change our strategy. Rather than doing a buffet, we did food bazaars. And it was a hit. Below is a summary with the links to all my Restaurant Promotion Ideas articles posted in 2015.

Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 29 – Valentine Specials

Valentine’s Day, the single most celebrated celebration in the world and is also the second busiest holiday for restaurants. Its not a public or work holiday in any country that I know off. But its an important holiday to pay attention to especially if you are in the restaurant business. Here are some statistics taken from Retail Advertising and Marketing Association on consumer spending habits on Valentine’s Day. This is to give you an idea on the importance of promoting Valentine’s Day.
For ways to promote your Valentine’s, please click here Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 29 – Valentine Specials

Restaurant Promotion Ideas #30 – Valentine’s Day Picnic Baskets

This year other than the usual Candle Light Dinner in the Coffeehouse, I will also be selling Romantic Picnic Baskets. One reason as mentioned in my previous post is that the hotel that I am attached to has a pool in every room. Therefore the idea of having a romantic picnic “Just the Two of You” by your very own pool will surely catch people’s attention. Thus giving us another avenue to increase our revenue.
The equipment I plan to use will be disposable as I am not expecting the things to come back. Nowadays there plastic plates and glassware that look very nice and expensive. As for the food you need to make it pretty simple and shareable. In my Picnic Baskets, I will add a battery operated lamp, so the couples can switch off the lights to create the ambience. Here are four different Picnic Baskets I plan to sell. Please Click here.Restaurant Promotion Ideas #30 – Valentine’s Day Picnic Baskets

Inexpensive, Tasteful and Easy Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

As mentioned in my previous post,Inexpensive, Tasteful and Easy Halloween Decoration for your Restaurant in search of decorating ideas for my restaurant, I use a great platform which is the Pinterest. Here are some easy and inexpensive decorating ideas to decorated your restaurant this Valentine. They are mostly decorations for home Valentine Dining experiences but with a little imagination you could use it in your establishment. Valentine’s Day don’t have to be all Pink and Red, you could also add other colours and still make it romantic. Read on here. Inexpensive, Tasteful and Easy Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

Restaurant Promotion Idea # 31 – Unique and Useful Corporate Gifts

Everyone loves receiving gifts how small it may be and giving out little gifts with the company logo is a norm nowadays. So it’s important to give gifts that your customer will eventually use for some time. Most companies give out pens, calendars and key chains. But with the dawn of affordable tablets and smart phones, most of these gifts are obsolete, especially the calendar. Most people nowadays have a smart phone and all smart phones have some sort calendar in them or you can get one on Google Play store. Therefore, I feel the best gifts should be centered around the mobile phone as almost every one owns a smart phone. Here are a few gift ideas that I have seen and have received. Read more here Restaurant Promotion Idea # 31 – Unique and Useful Corporate Gifts

Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 32- Theme Party

Creating a weekly theme dinner party is an excellent strategy to provide your customers with something different . Once a week transform your deco, food and even the staffs uniform to suit the particular theme. Select a theme that will suit with your customers as well as your location. Should you be located in a young housing area such as young working adult, college or university goers. Consider a party theme like Mardi Gras or even Spring Break. If you are located in the vicinity of families then do a fun theme which the kids will love such as a Pirate’s Theme. A properly plan theme party will definitely be a great hit especially during the slow days. To know more, please click here Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 32- Theme Party

Restaurant Promotion Idea # 33 – Father’s Day Specials

Based on the research by the National Restaurant Association. Father’s Day is the third most celebrated holiday right after Valentine’s and Mother’s day. They estimate that more than 50 million Americans will dine out on Father’s Day in 2013.
My friend, a chef used to joke that fathers are the ATM machines of families. When the family needs money, they will go to dad to request money. Thus it’s a good idea to create promotional activities in your restaurant for the breadwinner in all of our lives. For the Five Restaurant Promotion Ideas for Father’s Day, please click here Restaurant Promotion Idea # 33 – Father’s Day Specials

Restaurant Promotion Idea # 34 – Pub Olympics

My boss wanted to add some fun as well as entertaining games in our bar particularly on weekends. Thus he purchased a few items that we could use as party games such as blowpipe, speed stacking and so on. He wanted a variety of games in which the guest may take part during the band’s break.
So as usual I turned to the ever so wise World Wide Web for party games ideas. Instead I stumbled upon a great Restaurant Promotion Idea. Instead of holding a single game why don’t we hold a Pub Olympics.
Here some ideas on how I organized our First Pub Olympic in our bar.Just click here Restaurant Promotion Idea # 34 – Pub Olympics

Restaurant Promotion Idea # 35 :- Digital Display to Market your Specials

By utilizing digital displays you can do away with printing of posters to promote your specials as well as products. You can even add a few different promotions and just allow the display to play the pictures. If you were to use the traditional printed poster you would need to print several different posters intended for various promotions. Besides to placing them around the restaurant hoping the customer will see it. A moving picture show will catch people’s attention as opposed to a static poster. You can even change your promotions and specials weekly and fast. Here’s how to market your restaurant with digital displays. Restaurant Promotion Idea # 35 :- Digital Display to Market your Specials

Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 36- Unique Poster Ideas

Posters are a great way to get your messages across to your customers without breaking the bank. Strategically placed posters is sure to grab attention of people walking by, For me I like to use large, yummy images to make passers by hungry.
Below are some of my favourite posters and the site that I got it from

1. The Lady and the Tramp Poster

This is a great poster idea if you own an Italian Restaurant especially during Valentine’s Day. But this kind of a poster will only capture the attention of those who have watch the Disney Cartoon “Lady and the Tramp”

For more poster ideas, please click Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 36- Unique Poster Ideas


Restaurant Promotion Idea # 37 – Bounce Back Voucher Ideas

Chinese New Year Red Packets

I did this particular Bounce Back Voucher idea during the Chinese New Year festival. Our restaurant gets busy a week before Chinese New Year with businesses. As well as families organizing “Thank You Dinners” for the past year successes. And also on and a week after the New Year with families holding reunion dinners. After February as well as March is slow.
What I did was to fill a large lucky draw bowl with little red “Angpow” envelopes. In each envelope, there was a voucher for a lucky draw. The majority of the vouchers contain discounts ranging from 10% to 30% reductions for their next visit. I put a lot of 10% vouchers and a little less 20% as well as 30% discount vouchers. I even placed in 3 Grand Prize of vouchers for an 8 course dinner for 10 person. Just to make the prizes appealing.
The mechanism was for every bill of RM100 the guest gets a free dip into the bowl to pull their discount voucher. I even took out photos of the Grand Prize Winners. And posted it on a board next to the bowl to show that somebody got the first Grand Prize and that they were 2 more vouchers inside.

For more bounce back voucher ideas, please click here. Restaurant Promotion Idea # 37 – Bounce Back Voucher Ideas

Restaurant Promotion Idea #38 – Fun and Unique Restaurant Challenges

Besides creating signature dishes or beverages. You can also create fun as well as unique challenges. This will make your restaurant stand out above your competition.

Many may have watched Adam Richman on “Man vs Food”. Adam goes around The United States searching for unique and outrageous restaurant challenges. The challenges vary from eating the largest burger or pizza, eating the highest number of oysters or chicken wings at a specific time. The winner
will receive a restaurant souvenir along with their picture on the wall. Do something like that to create awareness for your restaurant. For some challenges that I have done, please click here Restaurant Promotion Idea #38 – Fun and Unique Restaurant Challenges

Restaurant Promotion Idea #39 – Unique and Crazy Bar Challenges

This is sort like a sequel to my earlier post Restaurant Promotion Idea #38 – Fun and Unique Restaurant Challenges. I got this video on my Facebook page. Its a crazy bar challenges. They call it the “Military Shots”

We modified the idea a bit. What we did was instead of the military hat, we used a construction hard hat. We referred the challenge to “The Hard Hat Challenge”. Like the video, the customer got struck with his drink on the hard hat. Then a rubber mallet. Followed by their drink and a shovel. Finally it was their drink as well as an empty barrel. Our variation was that the friend performed this instead of the bartender. Thus if the friend wanted to get even, they had to buy another round of “Hard Hat Cocktails”. The people that completed the “Hard Hat Challenge” got our pub t-shirt and their photo on the pub wall. Its was fun and the customers enjoyed themselves. Some even took videos and pictures to post on their social media. That’s free advertisement for you. To know more please click here Restaurant Promotion Idea #39 – Unique and Crazy Bar Challenges

Interactive Tablet Menus for your Restaurant

Recently I was ask to do a proposal on the usage of tablets as interactive menus. The management was pondering on this idea. The use of tablets is nothing new. Coupled with tablets sold at an affordable price. Some restaurants are trying out this type of alternative menu options. Below are several advantages as well as disadvantages on usage of tablet. That you should take into account. With the increase in restaurant using tablets, app developers are also getting into picture. There are many apps on Google Playstore some are free and some you have to buy. To know the advantages and disadvantages of interactive tablet menus, please click here Interactive Tablet Menus for your Restaurant

My Favourite Websites to follow about Restaurants Business

The restaurant industry is an ever changing industry. There’s always brand new food trends, new technology. There also alot new ways of promoting as well as marketing your restaurant. Even the the big boys such as McDonalds need to evolve or else they will be left behind. McDonalds plus some other fast food franchise are opening their doors early for breakfast. This is to capture incremental business from the early birds.
Fortunately there are websites on the web that you could follow. To keep oneself up to date with the changes in the industry. Together with new restaurant promotions ideas to help you market your restaurant.
Here are a few websites that I follow, subscribe and have found to be quite useful. My Favourite Websites to follow about Restaurants Business


Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 40 – Literally Drive Customers to Your Restaurant

The resort that I am presently attached to, just purchased a mini bus. To transport their guest as well as employees to and fro the resort. Of which I felt could also benefit my restaurants too. So I came out with a special package Specially for Corporate Companies to dine in my restaurants. Besides Menus and Beverages, we also provided transportation from their office to the resort. This is for a group between 20 to 35 person, we will pick them up from their company or office in our bus. As well as send them back to their office. We plan to do this during the lunch period, which is generally very slow for us. So this will bring some incremental revenue to us. Since the bus is equipped with a karaoke system we let the group use it. Just to pass the time away and let them to have some fun. We also served refreshments on the bus. This is to give the guest customer a VIP feel. By doing this we managed to capture some business from companies that were quite a distance away, on days that is normally slow. Click here to know more Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 40 – Literally Drive Customers to Your Restaurant

Restaurant Promotion Idea # 41 – Make your New Year party Memorable to keep them coming back.

New Year’s Eve day, is an opportunity to let your hair down as well as party with friends. There are lots of reasons to celebrate New Year’s Eve. You can say to celebrate a fantastic year thats passing. Or perhaps you can say goodbye to a not so good year and hope the coming year will be better. Most people will start searching for party venues early. Thus begin early to promote your restaurant or bar to be ahead of the rest. Get your entertainment plan early. Cause this is when the good entertainers get booked early. Make sure you have enough staff as well as beverages. Do you need to have any special food? Pretty much everything in place, you still need to plan some activities to make your New Year’s Eve party even awesome. So people will come back next year and the following year. Here are some ideas on how to amp up your party. Some I have carried out and some I am going to try. Read more here Restaurant Promotion Idea # 41 – Make your New Year party Memorable to keep them coming back.

Restaurant Promotion Ideas #42 – Let others Promote your Restaurant with Car stickers

I noticed some unique car stickers on car windows from Starbucks and 7eleven. This got me thinking that it is a great advertising avenue for my restaurants. Cause cars are moving around, so you got a free promotion billboard moving around your city. So if your sticker unique as well as eye catching, people notice your logo. Make sure you put your address on it. In cities, there is traffic jams and also massive parking lots. So people will have time to take down your number or your website address. Restaurant Promotion Ideas #42 – Let others Promote your Restaurant with Car stickers

With that I would like to you all our readers a Happy New Year and may 2016 bring you wealth, health and prosperity.


10 Customer Service Tips for 2015 – CRM Magazine

Focus on the human element to inspire your employees

By Jonathan Gale

As January rolls around again, it’s time to reflect on the highs and lows of the last 12 months and plan for the year ahead.

Whatever happened in 2014, think of 2015 as a clean slate—a new, shiny, fresh-out-of-the-box year, which you can make your own. Here are 10 customer service tips to ensure that you—and your customers—have a happy new year.

1. Aim to inspire.

You don’t have to be Superman to inspire; you just need to make your staff feel valued and demonstrate that you appreciate the value of their work.

Unsurprisingly, most workers aren’t motivated by the thought of the company’s shareholders making more money, so simply showing your team an upward profit margin on a graph is hardly inspirational.

Instead, consider the value of what you give your customers. Whether it’s that the product or service your company sells has had a real impact on their life or just that your excellent service has made their day, it’s the human element that is really going to motivate your workforce.

2. Ensure goals are attainable.

You could set 20 goals for your team this year, but if only a few of them are realistic, you’ll create a demoralizing work environment.

Research published in the Harvard Business Review shows how to strike the right balance. The study, conducted by a team at Florida State University, demonstrates that setting a goal that is a range, rather than a specific number, has a huge impact on whether the goal is met.

The research looked at weight loss groups, and found that asking people to lose between one and three pounds per week was more effective than asking them to lose two pounds.

This works because the range makes the goal seem more attainable, but the option of achieving more adds an element of challenge. The same principle can easily be applied to call center targets.

3. Find the right bottom line.

Along with employee- or team-specific goals, you need to establish a customer service ethos that acts as a bottom line for what’s expected from your team.

This should not be result-oriented, but rather relationship-oriented. For instance, this could be trying to say something in each call to make the customer smile or laugh or just calling the customer by name.

4. Manage customer expectations.

Customer service is all about expectations. Whether customers are new or returning, it’s likely they will have an impression in mind about the service they will receive. It’s the job of your agents to ensure their expectations are met—and preferably raised.

This is where a good service-level agreement comes in, along with the proper training for your staff so that they know exactly what’s expected of them. This then has to be communicated to your customers, ideally before they even pick up the phone.

5. Align customer service with other business units.

Get out of the mind-set that customer service is a solitary branch of the business, disconnected from marketing, sales, and business development.

Instead, make it your New Year’s resolution to collaborate more with other areas of the business. Customer service can play a huge role in showing where the business is going wrong and where it’s going right.

6. Ensure you have the right mind-set.

It’s easy to slip into the wrong mind-set at work. One trap contact center managers often fall into is thinking of their customer service team as the defense team, in place to fight off angry hordes of customers.

This is particularly true if you’re constantly striving to meet efficiency goals and begin to see unhappy customers as “getting in the way.”

If you’ve felt that your team was leaning that way toward the end of the year, you now have a chance to start fresh. Remind them that it’s not a case of customer versus agent; both agent and customer should want the same thing.

7. Review the metrics you use to measure success.

Contact center managers can often spend months tracking particular metrics, without considering whether what they are measuring is really having a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

One example of this is average handle time. If you put too much emphasis on chasing a low score, it can result in agents slamming the phone down after every call to ensure their personal stats stay low.

This often doesn’t correlate with a rise in customer satisfaction.

8. Consider the training your agents need to tackle the challenges they may face in the new year.

When you review the past year, it’s important to look for areas of weakness, both as a company and as individuals, so that you can plan a training program for the next year.

9. Don’t neglect individual goals.

Your team is made up of individuals, and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. If you can take the time to understand what each person needs to develop, you can help to motivate them.

10. Say “thank you.”

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the simplest tip of all when it comes to both customer service and management—saying “thank you.”

Look back over the last year. How often did you thank your employees? It’s probably less often than you remember. But saying “thank you” is one of the most important aspects of people management. It helps your team to feel motivated, equipping them with the positivity to handle customer complaints or tough calls in the best way.

It’s also essential to make sure these two words are in your agents’ vocabulary. Just as they need to feel appreciated, your customers do too.

While the nitty-gritty of goals is up to individual contact centers, as long as you focus on motivating staff, providing a clear focus, and setting relationship-oriented goals, there’s no reason you can’t deliver excellent service, call after call. How are you planning to boost customer satisfaction this year?

Article Source “-10 Customer Service Tips for 2015 – CRM Magazine