A Summary of my Restaurant Promotion Ideas in 2014

My Restaurant Promotion Ideas Articles Posted in 2014


Here’s a summary on all my Restaurant Promotion Ideas Articles that I have posted in 2014.


Restaurant Promotion Idea #22- Little Things to Help your Customers Spend More

Some Ways on Getting your Customers to Spend More
My boss liked to use this quote often. He used to say “A Customer is a Person who has Our MONEY in his Pocket“. Then he goes on to say how we are going to take our money from him. If you think that this quote is dishonesty, then you are in the wrong line of business. You have spend thousands on advertising and promotions, you need to get the returns right. Once a customer steps into your restaurant he has set his mind that he is going to eat here. Most of the time the customer has already decided what to eats. In my restaurants I use certain tactics to get the customer to spend more. The methods are simple task that you and your staff can do in order to increase your sales from the existing customers.To read more, please CLICK HERE


Restaurant Promo Ideas for March 2014

March is a month Carnivals with the colourful Mardi Gras at the beginning of March and the St. Patrick’s Day in the middle. Here are some Restaurant Promotion Ideas that you can use for the month of March.
Mardi Gras is a very popular festival in New Orleans which dates back to the 16th century . Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday,” is the last day of the Carnival season as it always falls the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Its normally a week affair in New Orleans with great food, parades and parties. To know more, please CLICK HERE



 Restaurant Promo Ideas for April 2014

April Fool’s Day is the best time to do outrageous restaurant promotions as well as some harmless prank on your customers. This will give them a reason to have a good laugh which in turn will make them remember your restaurant. If they put it on facebook as well as tweet about it, then others will probably notice your restaurant too. One such prank was the Burger King’s Left Handed Whooper. In 1998 Burger King advertised that they have created a new of burger called “left-handed” Whopper intended for left handed individuals. They claim that the ingredients was positioned in such a way that left handed individuals will enjoy it much better. The sandwich joke was extremely well-liked particularly after people began requesting left or right-handed Whoppers. To know more, please CLICK HERE


Restaurant Promotion Idea #22 – Mother’s Day Specials

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away. It is one of the most popular occasion of the year to dine out and celebrate according to the National Restaurant Association in America. This year its celebrated on the 11th May 2014. Most family restaurants will be planning special buffets or hi tea for that Special Lady in Our Life. Mother’s Day like Valentine’s Day and Christmas offers you an opportunity to come out with special promotions thus increasing revenue. For some of the specials, please CLICK HERE



 Restaurant Promo Ideas # 23 – Five ways to Market the FIFA World Cup

Revenue Increasing Ideas during the FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is played once every four years and this year in 2014 the World Cup will be in Brazil beginning 13th June 2014. There will be millions of fans in every country on the planet following their favorite teams. A written report in the Nielsen website, around 111. 6 million U.S people watched at least 6 minutes of the 2010 World Cup on English as well as Spanish language networks, based on an analysis by the Nielsen Firm. The figure is a 22% increase from the 91.4 million U.S. viewers during the 2006 World Cup. Here are some revenue increasing ideas, please CLICK HERE


Restaurant Promo Ideas for June

Summer’s Here Restaurant Promo Ideas

Seeing that June is the start of the summer, take advantage of the warmest months of the year and also the school break simply by promoting alfresco dining if you have an outdoor space.Read more , please CLICK HERE.


Restaurant Promo Ideas for July

The month of July this year is an important month as it’s the Holy Month of Ramadhan. A month in which around the globe, Muslims will be fasting from sunrise to sunset. This is the time when most restaurants as well as hotels will set up a lavish buffet in order to lure customers to their outlet. Muslims in Malaysia usually start eating out about a week after the start of Ramadhan. Considering that your restaurant are located in a predominant Muslim community, try setting up a buffet. For a start you don’t have to have it every day, give it a try on Fridays and Saturday. A word| of caution, seeing that Ramadhàn is the Holy Month ensure you consider the religious taboos of the Muslim customers. Some examples are you must be pork free as well as alcohol free. If you are not able to meet this criteria than its no point doing a Ramadan Buffet. Read more, please CLICK HERE.


Restaurant Promo Ideas # 24 :- Chef’s Night Buffet

Hire a Celebrity Chef

One promotional activity that some restaurants as well as hotels prefer to carry out is to have Guest Chefs. Should they possess the budget, they will get a Celebrity Chef to prepare some dishes. Most of time hiring a Celebrity might not bring you the profit you desire after taking out the chef’s expenses as well as their perks. However its a good advertising and marketing hook in order to let people know that you are around. Nevertheless, you also need to ensure that your kitchen prepares food as good as that which was made by the Celebrity Chef or else you will only end up being busy when the he is around. Another alternative would be to create certain theme and obtain Chefs from that region to prepare. Read more, please CLICK HERE.


Restaurant Promo Ideas #25 :- Hometown Celebrity Chef

Create Your Very Own Hometown Celebrity Chef

Coming back to creating your very own Hometown Celebrity Chefs, organize a cooking competition for the locals in your area. Don’t go for the norm of submitting recipes like some competitions require. Do something different as well as enjoyable. Do something from the Reality Shows example the Masterchef, Chopped, Top Chef| or maybe Iron Chef. To know, please CLICK HERE.


 Restaurant Promotion for October – Fun & Scary Halloween

October is the month to hold fun as well as scary promotional activities in your establishment. Its Halloween month. Host a Halloween bash in your bar or restaurant. If you are managing a restaurant come out with seasonal specialties such as Pumpkin Soup, Apple Cider Stew and so forth. Redesign the items by adding some gore into it. Send out free invitations to your regulars. Come out with humorous eye catching flyers. This year I am developing a doorknob flyer shaped like a white ghost and I will hang it on our room guest doors in the afternoons. This will certainly catch their attention when they return to their rooms in the evenings. As for the bar or pub create some gory cocktails and have fun games. To know more, please CLICK HERE.


 Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 26 – Bar Games

Adding Bar Games to Increase Revenue

Bar games are a good way to maximize your sales with your current guest and also to create an atmosphere of fun and laughter in your establishment. There are a number of bar games that you can buy and use, all depending on the kind of bar that you have and how much fun your customers likes to have. Apart from the normal darts and pool, I have also purchased some table drinking games that can be played at the guest table. Here are two of the games that I purchased recently, please CLICK HERE.


Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 27 – Year End Holiday Gift for your Customers

 Fun and inexpensive holiday gift for your customers

With the closing of the year, a lot of business will be looking for appreciation gifts for their customers and regulars. Searching the web, you will find a number of organizations offering to create some sort of year end gifts with your logo on it. For small business owners who are scrambling to meet year-end commitments and running the day to day operations, finding just the right gift for your customers can be overwhelming. But you can still give out memorable year end or thank you gifts. One way is to make it your self. Search the web for ideas, there are various ideas that you and your staff can create by yourselves. Here are some of the ideas, please CLICK HERE.



Restaurant Promotion Ideas for January


January is a very slow month in terms of revenue for the hospitality industry. Most business will slow down spending in January as schools reopen and parents will concentrate on their school going kids. People will also reduce spending after the holidays. Some places might give their staff a few days leave to rejuvenate after the busy holiday season. So January is not the best time for the restaurant industry. But you have still have overheads to pay, you still need to get people into your restaurant to cover your fixed cost. Here are some restaurant promotion ideas that you could try to fill up this slow month, please CLICK HERE.