Restaurant Promotion Ideas for Christmas

A Summary of Restaurant Promotion Articles to Market Christmas

Most businesses agree that Christmas is the most celebrated and profitable holiday of the year. So much so online retail companies like Amazon will be boosting their manpower to handle the influx of orders. Restaurants too will be busy with family gatherings. They will be planning in advance to capitalize on this holiday. I have written a few Restaurant Promotion Ideas on how to market Christmas in your Restaurant. Below is a summary of all the Christmas Restaurant Promotion articles featured in this website and links to help you.

7 Restaurant marketing ideas for attracting diners this Christmas

The festive season is upon, and should be your most profitable period of the year. But cutbacks in consumer spending mean you still have to use some restaurant marketing tactic to keep filling your tables.

Here are a few restaurant marketing ideas to make it a merry Christmas all round:

1. Customers will be more easily swayed to eat out if you can make it more of an occasion. If you can afford it, consider offering a free glass of sparkling wine or mince pie to entice them through your door.
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Restaurant Promotion Idea #28 – Twelve Days of Christmas Promotional Ideas

Instead of doing just a one day Christmas Promotion, why don’t you do 12 days of Christmas Promotion Activity which will stretch until the Feast of Epiphany. The more days you do a promotion, the more revenue you will receive for your restaurant. To make it more fun, work around the 12 Days of Christmas Lyrics. Here are 12 days of creative promotional ideas that I’ve found along the way.
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Christmas is not Christmas without giving out gifts. Below are some articles from this website on Year End Corporate GIfts.


Restaurant Promotion Idea # 31 – Unique and Useful Corporate Gifts

Everyone loves receiving gifts how small it may be and giving out little gifts with the company logo is a norm nowadays. So it’s important to give gifts that your customer will eventually use for some time. Most companies give out pens, calendars and key chains. But with the dawn of affordable tablets and smart phones, most of these gifts are obsolete, especially the calendar. Most people nowadays have a smart phone and all smart phones have some sort calendar in them or you can get one on Google Play store. Therefore, I feel the best gifts should be centered around the mobile phone as almost every one owns a smart phone. Here are a few gift ideas that I have seen and have received.
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Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 27 – Year End Holiday Gift for your Customers

With the closing of the year, a lot of business will be looking for appreciation gifts for their customers and regulars. Searching the web, you will find a number of organizations offering to create some sort of year end gifts with your logo on it. For small business owners who are scrambling to meet year-end commitments and running the day to day operations, finding just the right gift for your customers can be overwhelming. But you can still give out memorable year end or thank you gifts. One way is to make it your self. Search the web for ideas, there are various ideas that you and your staff can create by yourselves. Below are some of the ideas. I have done two of it myself and the rest I plan to implement it soon.
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Fun Corporate Gifts To Impress Your Clients

Is your business unsure about what to send clients for the holidays, a company anniversary, or another special occasion? The world of corporate gifts can be a dull place at times. You can only give away so many engraved pens and award plaques! If you’re looking to spice up your choices and give your clients a more interesting and eye-catching corporate gift, then this article provides some options for you. The following are some suggestions and tips for more exciting corporate gifts to send to your clients.
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Restaurant Promotion Idea #10. Unique Gift Ideas

A colleague gave me this idea when we were discussing how we can show our local regulars that we value their support. It was for one of our corporate gift that we give to our regulars during festivals. You can read about this in my previous post, Promoting your Restaurant through Great Customer Service. As a majority of our local regulars are Chinese Business Men who are farmers or traders by trade, we had to come out with an idea which they can use and appreciate it. So the normal corporate gift like pens, paperweights or even cardholders were out of the question. These people usually entertain their clients in our restaurants, we needed to come out with a unique corporate gift that will stand out.
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