How to Collect Email Address for your Restaurant – Restaurant Promotion Ideas #6

Promotion Ideas #6. Collecting Addresses

Here is a simple way of how to collect email address for your restaurant.

There are numerous Websites or Software on the World Wide Web that can help you collect email addresses that you can use to email your latest food promotion or newsletters. But how do you get addresses from people that is already dinning in your restaurant or your function halls if they don`t have business cards. We were faced with a similar problem in our outlets. But like the saying goes “Problems are only guidepost to a solution”. After going out and meeting people, we managed to secure quite a number of dinners and gatherings. You can find out how we did this in my previous post. So naturally the organizers of the functions got on our mailing list. But the list was really small as we could only see a few people at one time. What we failed to see was that we had a large number of potential customers attending these functions.

How I Collected Addresses for Mailing of Specials and Newsletters

After realizing this, we brainstorm on ways to collect addresses and thus increasing our mailing list.
What we needed was to offer something that will entice people to sign up, such as occasional special offers or discounts. We created a card where the guest can fill in their details. We created it as simple as possible cause people are more likely to join your mailing list if they can do it quickly and easily.
Before the function we got permission from the organizer first, if it’s possible for us to put our cards with lucky draw bowl at their registration table. Always get permission first, reason being you don`t want to offend the one person who is currently supporting you. For the winner of the lucky draw you can offer anything from hampers to vouchers. While the dinner is going on, you can do the draw.

What to do with the Addresses

Keep all the cards and do a monthly draw, with these you can also invite the lucky winners to sample your latest promotion. You can also get their honest opinion how they find the promotion when they come and redeem their prize. With this you can improve whatever needs improving before the bulk of the paying customers come. Also the winners will tell their friends that they got a prize from your establishment. Who doesn`t like to win something.
But when you get the mailing list, make sure you conduct your email or mailing campaigns the right way. Make sure you don’t use spam or junk mail type approaches or you will lose your creditability. Instead of only mailing brochures you can attach a signed letter by you. This will give a more personal impression. By doing this we doubled our mailing list. Now I have purchased a stamp with a copy of my signature, so as we can stamp my signature on the letters that we mail out. Nowadays I have more addresses to mail my latest promotion.



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