Nov 21

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Restaurant Promotion Idea # 19- Restaurant Happy Hour Specials

Happy Hour Specials in Your Restaurant

happy hourWhenever you say “Happy Hour Specials”,  the very first thing that comes into everyone’s mind is usually Happy Hour at Bars or Pubs. My boss mentioned that there was a Wet Market in Selayang, Malaysia which has all sorts of seafood. Some which is imported. He was going on and on about the how fresh the seafood was, so much so that a few Chinese Restaurant opened around the wet market. You can  acquire whatever seafood you like bring it to the restaurant and they will| prepare it to your preference with some charges. My boss said that this wet market even had Happy Hours Specials when seafood is sold at a certain time at discounted prices. So that got me thinking if a seafood market can do Happy Hour Specials, why not do this for my coffeehouse.

The breakfast, lunch as well as dinner is normally very good. We have another meal period, snack that is between lunch and dinner that is sluggish.  Therefore we are left with an empty restaurant,  along with staff standing around. This is also the time when people arrive at the resort. What we did was prepare “Restaurant Happy Hours” posters and flyers to put in the room highlighting that two main course sections was 30% off between 3. 00pm to 6. 00pm. We even put it on our Facebook page. The poster was placed at strategic locations within the hotel.  Even though we did not receive a full restaurant during the snack hour every day, we managed to boost the revenue for that meal period, thus increase our restaurant’s profit.

We even did this particular strategy for our karaoke lounge, taking in consideration that the early hours are slow. We created a two pricing strategy throughout the day. The earlier part of the day, the price was cheaper for the first 6 hours, after that I went to regular prices. With this we manage to market the karaoke the whole day.

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