Watch Television especailly Restaurant Reality Shows – Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 7

Watch Reality Shows

If you look around, there are restaurant promotion ideas everywhere that you can use. On way is to watch Television especailly Restaurant Reality Shows on your 4k tv. Such as Restaurant Impossible or Restaurant Makeover for ideas.

One great media that I have mentioned my previous post Restaurant Promotion – Some Ideas from the Web is the World Wide Web. Another media that have helped me with some of my promotional ideas is what some people call “The Idiot Box“. For those that is not sure what I mean, its “The Television“. I know it’s shocking to find out that even a workaholic like me waste time in front of the television. I am also aware that this goes against what our parents told us when we were small. Watching lesser TV, study or work harder will sure to lead us to success. But like the saying goes “All Work and No
Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

Reality Shows To Watch

My preference is normally reality shows. Most of this reality shows bring out the ugly side of people. But there some shows if you cut out the backbiting and ugliness of human nature, can have great learning benefits. One such show that I loved to watch was “The Apprentice“, the show with Donald Trump. The show is about contestants working in teams at projects in order to be the last one standing to be “The Apprentice” for Donald Trump, to learn under his mentorship. He may be a tough task master but what he is showing you is real life. It’s a jungle out there and the only way to survive is to be the fittest and the most innovative. There is one episode that is an example to what you can learn from reality shows. It was the one when each team had to promote a product using a limited amount of money in a limited area. One team used all their money to put up advertisements at the back horse drawn carriages that ply a certain route. As promoting on horse drawn carriages was expensive, they managed to get only 10 carriages. And also carriages ply on the streets, so only people who are travelling on the streets will notice the ad. What another team did was to put ads on sandwich boards carried by people walking around. Promoting on sandwich boards were much cheaper, they managed to get 50 sandwich boards moving around the town. And sandwich board can move around among people and on sidewalks. So from there you can see who had the most coverage. From this episode I learnt that if I put up one banner, how strategic the location may be. You will only capture a certain amount of coverage. But if you put up buntings around you will capture more people. They might miss one but if there is a lot around town they will sure to notice a few. And I have also learnt that the overhead for putting up 30 buntings is the same as putting up one banner. So now I put up more buntings.

Another great reality show that I love to watch is “Restaurant Makeover“. It has a lot of ideas on how to design a restaurant. And the ideas are very simple and done tastefully. This Reality Show is about two people (a designer and a chef) helping people to revise and revitalize their restaurant. Some of the restaurants are so bad but after the “Restaurant Makeover” team get through with it, you will see a major change. The “Restaurant Makeover” team has only 6 days to redesign the restaurant with a new menu and design with only a limited amount of money. The ideas that come out are great and simple and also don’t take too much money. I have also learnt that you don’t need a large menu to attract people just a small one with all your specialties. You can always come out with monthly specials, with items purchased from the local markets. In this way it ensures that your item is fresh and you don’t have to keep much stock in hand.

Reality Shows To Avoid

But saying all that, I avoid reality shows like “Hell`s Kitchen”. Reason is I believe that all staff no matter what their background or education should be treated well and constantly motivated. In this way they will succeed. People shouldn`t be treated like they are a complete idiot just because you are a great chef. Your employees are the best people to promote your restaurant. So remember, if you take care of them they will inturn take care of you and your restaurant.


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