Restaurant Promotion Idea # 44 :- Simple St.Patrick’s Day Specials


Though our bar is not of an Irish theme or not situated in Ireland. Or the simple fact that St Patrick’s day is not widely recognized in Malaysia. Nonetheless we did a St. Patrick’s day promotion. Well we were taking after what Steve Jobs quoted. “A lot of times people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

A survey conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics, 133 million people will celebrate the Irish holiday this year. 45 percent of 25-34 year olds will attend a party at a bar or restaurant; others will attend a private event. Source :- MONDAY WON’T STOP MILLIONS FROM CELEBRATING ST. PATRICK’S DAY THIS YEAR

Instead of doing the promotion on the 17th of March which is a Thursday. We did a one week affair starting on the 10th March. Below are some of the things that we organised for our simple St. Patrick’s day celebration.

The decoration will be straightforward as our bar is a pirate theme bar. We will just cover the entrance with Green Satin and hang Green Satin Scallops on the ceiling. At the entrance we will have a life size cutout of a leprechaun where customers can take out photographs. The staff will likewise be wearing green t-shirt during the promotion. For decoration ideas as with my various theme decoration searches, I always use Pinterest.


Irish Car Bomb

There is a lot of website of restaurants that I googled looking for restaurant ideas for St. Patrick’s Day. Especially cocktails or beverage ideas. As with my decoration searches I also use Pinterest. Most sites suggest Green Beer but thats hard to find in Malaysia. So I opt for cocktails. Below are two beverages that I will be selling.

IRISH BUCK COCKTAIL which is 30ml Irish Whiskey, 5 ml lime juice top up with ginger ale all served in a Collins glass.

Sort of the Irish version of the submarine. 3/4 pin glassof stout. In a shooter glass half John Jameson, half Irish cream.Drop in glass and drink like submarine cocktail.
Apart from that, I am also going to sell a bucket of four Guiness at a special price. And call it my “Four Leaf Clover Special

A party wouldn’t be a party without party games. So on the Saturday when the bar will be busy, we will play some party games. Here are what we have plan with an Irish Theme.
POT OF GOLD– We will wrap a fish bowl with gold satin to like a pot of gold. Cover the top with only an opening for a hand to go through. Buy some coloured plastic coins and a few gold coloured coins. Drop into the bowl. For every RM100 on a single bill entitle a lucky dip into our pot of gold. For every gold coin the customer will get a prize.
KISS THE LEPRECHAUN. We printed a life size cutout of leprechaun with rosy cheeks. Each guest will have a pair of cutout lips on ice sticks. What they have to do is to put the lips on the leprechaun’s cheeks. The catch is they will be holding the ice cream sticks with their mouth and will be blindfolded.
TOSS THE LEPREHAUN. This is the same idea as the mineral water toss on the game show “A Minute to Win It”. Within one minute to toss a little leprechaun doll standing up on the bar table.

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse to have a little fun with your customers! 


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